Quest Chain - ST. QUBESLICK 2019! - March 12, 2019 - March 26, 2019

March 12, 2019 by Evilagician

Plant some clover and get lucky in this years St. Qubeslick! Finish the quest chain from Tuesday, March 12, 2019 to Monday, March 25, 2019 on PC's and Consoles.

#1/8 Gather Lucky Dust(30)

St. Qubeslick 2019 1/8: Hi Trovian, it's me, Qubesly! It's time to make our own luck as St. Qubeslick has begun. We need to make sure we have enough luck to get through the year so let's grow some clovers. Start by gathering some St. Qubeslick Lucky Dust.

All dungeons and lairs have a chance to drop Lucky Dust during St. Qubeslick.

Rewards: Chaos Chest 10

#2/8 Craft Renewus Clover Seeds (1)

St. Qubeslick 2019 2/8: That’s enough dust. It's time to craft this into something spectacular.

Head to the Wheel of Seasons in the hub and craft a Lucky Clover Seed!


Rewards: Builder's Rough Focus 1

#3/8 Plant Renewus Clover Seeds (1)

St. Qubeslick 2019 3/8: You're about to be in luck Trovian. Plant those Clover seeds in a club or cornerstone.

Rewards: Builder's Precise Focus 1

#4/8 Craft Lucky Stars (5)

St. Qubeslick 2019 4/8: In order for your Lucky Clovers to mature they need to be imbued with additional luck. You can craft your Lucky Dust into Lucky Stars to help your clover grow.

Lucky Stars can be crafted at the Wheel of Season in the hub.


Rewards: Builder's Superior Focus 1

#5/8 Imbue Lucky Clover (5)

St. Qubeslick 2019 5/8: St. Qubeslick Clovers take time to fully mature. Check back at the top of each hour and give your Clover a little boost of luck with your Lucky Stars. Remember, you can always craft more Lucky Stars at the Wheel of Seasons.

Rewards: Empowered Gem Box 3

  • Wait till you can actually imbue the Clover, don't throw lucky stars without it being ready!
  • When it is ready, throw 1 lucky star onto your clover.
  • After your first imbuement, come back one hour later.
  • If clubmates plant clovers too, you can imbue them too.

#6/8 Harvest a Lucky Clover (1)

St. Qubeslick 2019 6/8: Once your Lucky clover is fully grown you can harvest it to gain a Lucky Clover. I've heard Lucky Clovers can be harvested more than once if properly cared for, give that a try.

Rewards: Contained Chaos Spark 2

  • Make sure it is fully grown, press E to harvest (or your console action button version of the master races E button).

#7/8 Use Lucky Clovers (1)

St. Qubeslick 2019 7/8: Use your Lucky Clover to increase your magic find for an hour! Make sure you use them soon as these clovers may not last forever.

Rewards: Diamond Dragonite 25

#8/8 Trigger Magic Find (10)

St. Qubeslick 2019 8/8: I feel luckier already, don't you? Prove it by triggering magic find 10 times! Happy St. Qubeslick, Trovian.

Rewards: Golden Chaos Chest 1

Daily Bonus Claims


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