Dungeons, Lairs and Shadow dungeon are all submission items on TroveCreations. It involves making pieces of a dungeon in a voxel editor, creating blueprints. With this detailed guide, we're trying to set a low entry point for dungeon submissions.

Check your adventure settings. You might have deactivated those.

Along the art focus for the Medieval Highlands we will also serve a modding focus to go along. This focus will also be in the order of Adventure Worlds.

Renewus 2018! from Tuesday, January 2, 2018 to Tuesday, 16, 2018 on PC's and Consoles. Ring in the New Year and earn some Firework Fliers!

Creating new stuff for Trove is one of the very cool things that make Trove that awesome. To highlight creations these are all new acceptances at the TroveCreations subReddit from last December. Moderation on TroveCreations is done by Stedms (PC) and Ylva (PC).

Thanks all for the participation in the modding contest. Check out the highlights in the post.

header image we used for the book ally collab

Evilagician (PC) 3 weeks ago



You call this archeology?!


All you need to know about pumpkins and ghosts.


Those who cant dance will blame it on the music.


Contains the same legendary stories, from the shadow point of view


All the missiles will protect whats inside


She stores all your love letters


Kill the dragon, save the princess and get a kingdom, all without leaving your armchair!


Funny or not, at least he always laughs at his own jokes


Easy read for lil princesses


Easy read for lil knights


Guides to infernal devices and time machines.


Contains the stories of the creation of all, even the story of evil.


Reading this will zap your mind.


His boring stories put even him to sleep.


Keeps track of all winter pinatas slain.


Keeps track of all summer pinatas slain.


Keeps track of all Spring pinatas slain.


Keeps track of all pinatas slain.

I like to hide stuff for others to find, while i'm building.

Started modding in September 2016, been creating dungeons and such since 2015.

Check all my post on TroveCreations here.

I'm a quality manager in real life so im used to creating guides.

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