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Evilagician (PC) 2 days ago

Not sure what we will do with leftovers, but there are loads of giveaways on the site and on Discord. For Rachnaphon it will be the first chance to obtain a code, but that's just cause I'm Evil. 

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/page=2471/trovesaurus--gamescom-august-23-august-25

Dungeon and Lair Creation (pro-tips)

Evilagician (PC) August 19, 2017 55 views

Creating dungeons and lairs is one of the most interesting parts of Trove. This guide will give you a basic understanding of things to keep in mind. Qubicle is used as the voxel editor for this guide, all supplied templates are also for Qubicle. Dungeon creation is not limited to this voxel editor, but due to its feature set, it is the easiest option to use.

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Sun Goddess Metaforge Trials - Dungeon Creators

Evilagician (PC) August 19, 2017 136 views

The sun goddess noticed fewer people entering /mf. At first, a confirmation screen prevented random visitors from entering, but with the slow down on Reddit, the realms of forging remain silent. To increase or test knowledge on plugs, sockets, blockers and dungeoneering, the sun goddess tasked a random builder to make a series of trials.

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Quest chain - Portal to Darkness (AUG 8th - AUG 22nd)

Evilagician (PC) August 8, 2017 14,136 views

Solve the mystery of what the Shadows are up to! Be warned, this article contains spoilers.

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Evilagician (PC) 2 weeks ago

Ii think they are automatically added. I use the greek deco pillars for most of my catalog replacements. and i just type greek and they always appear

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/page=2340/using-the-catalog-tool-to-render-images-of-your-blueprints-modding--creations

Evilagician (PC) 3 weeks ago

Als je in de omschrijving van de club "Netherlands" toevoegd, zal hij hier boven moeten komen staan. Het kan zijn dat die functionaliteit nog gemaakt moet worden.

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/country/nl

Megalithic Build Contest - Results

Evilagician (PC) August 2, 2017 593 views

Thanks everyone for taking part in our Megalithic Build contest, we have the results ready to share. Winners have been picked by Evilagician (PC) .

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Megalithic Mod Contest - Results

Evilagician (PC) August 2, 2017 305 views

Thanks everyone for taking part in our Megalithic Mod contest, we have the results ready to share. Winners have been picked by Evilagician (PC) .

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Light Glim Ranger!

3 weeks ago

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Evil Dungeon Juggling

3 weeks ago

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Dance Power Generator

3 weeks ago

Trovesaurus @ Gamescom August 23 - August 25

Evilagician (PC) July 30, 2017 885 views

Unofficial Official Trovesaurus Peoples can be found at Gamescom (Cologne) on:

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Ice Panda

3 weeks ago

Evilagician (PC) 4 weeks ago

Basically you can do whats in the header ;)

Open boxes -> open any box

Kill [thing], find thing and kill thing

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/page=2454/quest-chain-the-gathering-light-jul-25-jul-31

Quest chain - The Gathering Light JUL 25 - AUG 7

Evilagician (PC) July 25, 2017 11,610 views

Summer is still here, but lets find out what those shadow invaders want! The Gathering Light chain has been activated for the coming week.

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Faeborn Panda

1 month ago

About Evilagician

I like to hide stuff for others to find, while i'm building.

Started modding in September 2016, been creating dungeons and such since 2015.

Check all my post on TroveCreations here.

I'm a quality manager in real life so im used to creating guides.

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