Quest Chain - Turkeytopia 2018 - November 20, 2018 - December 03, 2018

November 21, 2018 by Evilagician

Turkeytopia is Back! Defeat Dream Gobblers and score some epic loot during this two week event! From Tuesday, October 23, 2018 to Monday, November 05, 2018 on PC's and Consoles.

#1/8 Defeat Dream Gobblers (30)

Turkeytopia 2018 1/8: Gobble gobble, Trovian! Qubesly here to tell you that Turkeytopia is upon us. Those pesky Dream Gobblers have invaded Dragonfire Peaks once again. Will you help me drive them away before they eat me out of house and home?

Reward: Dragon Coin 25

To make Dream Gobblers more easy to find, PC players can use this mod:

Dream Gobbler Highlight

#2/8 Kill a Cupcake Caliph

Turkeytopia 2018 2/8: You know what chasing turkeys puts me in the mood for? Dessert! But those wicked Cupcake Caliphs in Candoria stole all my pumpkin pies.

Travel to Candoria and defeat a Cupcake Caliph boss in a 1-Star dungeon to return Qubesly's pies.

Reward: Empowered Gem Box 3

#3/8 Collect Primordial Flames (100)

Turkeytopia 2018 3/8: Thanks for getting my pies back, Trovian. Now we just need to get the vegetables and stuffing piping hot and ready to eat. Go to Dragonfire Peaks and bring back some Primordial Flames. I'll get everything else ready.

Primordial Flame blocks can be found uncommonly in any biome.

Reward: Bound Brilliance 5

#4/8 Collect Blank Scrolls (5)

Turkeytopia 2018 4/8: I'm almost ready to start baking but I need something to get the stove going so that our meal can cook perfectly. I think some Blank Scrolls will do the trick.

Blank Scrolls are most commonly obtained by deconstructing recipes found in Recipe Lairs.

Reward: Despoiled Divinity 1

#5/8 Collect Faerie Dust (3)

Turkeytopia 2018 5/8: We're almost ready, Trovian. I need you to go to the Fae Forest and bring back some Faerie Dust. It's the secret ingredient in my Magical Mashed Potatoes. Once I have that I'll be ready to finish preparing the feast!

Reward: Lustrous Gem Box 3

#6/8 Throw Bombs in Bomber Royale (3)

Turkeytopia 2018 6/8: The food is in the oven and will be ready soon. While we wait, why not stretch your legs? I hear that Bomber Royale is popular this time of year.

Reward: Bound Brilliance 5

#7/8 Kill Pirate Canoneers and Sailors (20)

Turkeytopia 2018 7/8: I invited Saltwater Sam to have dinner with us, but he said he's too busy dealing with Pirates at the moment. Maybe if you help him out he'll be able to join us after all.

Pirate Sailors and Cannoneers can be found in Lost Isles and Treasure Isles biomes.

Reward: Diamond Dragonite 25

#8/8 Kill a Saloonbot Mayor

Turkeytopia 2018 8/8: I almost forgot! We're missing the most important part of the meal. I need some Seasonal Sasperilla from Desert Frontier. The Saloonbot Mayor stole the last of this year's stash. Thank you for all your help, Trovian, and Happy Turkeytopia!

Saloonbot Mayors can be found as Dungeon and Lair bosses in Desert Frontier biomes.

Reward: Metamatter 5

Daily Rewards


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