Heroes: Database Update - Collections

March 27, 2018 | Etaew | 1,365

We've updated the Trovesaurus Database to the Trove - Heroes client update, and detected the following changes to the Collections table.



Mag Riders


  • NEW: Blue Mega-Skater - Ride the rails wherever they lead - adventure awaits (Promo)



  • NEW: Rocket Drill - @WIP - Floaty Block Destroyer (Hidden)
  • NEW: Bawk Mom - Tends to all her chickies with great love and care. Give her a big hug! (InProgress)
  • NEW: Prehistoric Buggy - @PLACEHOLDER - DESCRIPTION (InProgress)
  • NEW: Donut Roller - TEST - DONUT (InProgress)
  • NEW: Rhom-10, Dissent’s Roar - Once a trusted servitor of C455-Andra, he was defeated in battle by Yoshimi, whose strength of will inspired him to adopt a new moral code. \n\nHaving this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +7% Attack Speed, +1000 Max Health and +50 Magic Find. (Ancestral Dragon)
  • NEW: Hoshizora, Luminary of Hope - A powerful spirit incarnated by the unified wills of Kami and the Resistors, and tasked with protecting Luminopolis alongside Crisopeia. \n\nHaving this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +7% Attack Speed, +1000 Max Health and +50 Magic Find. (Ancestral Dragon)
  • NEW: Kami of Proportionate Penitence - Amidst the ashes of guilt find the embers of atonement, and carry them on the road to absolution. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Calm Conviction - Seek your truth, wherever the search may lead you. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Fiery Fervor - Find that which fans the flames in your heart, and pursue it nobly and with determination. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Tumultuous Torrents - Turn your inner turmoil into the strength to keep moving forward. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Considered Compassion - Only in truly understanding the suffering of others can we help in their healing. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Resurgent Resolution - Take courage despite your failings, learn, earn forgiveness, and grow better. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Salvaged Spiderbot - Technically not a bug, but definitely a little buggy (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Yongari, Broker of Secrets - Always knows a guy who knows a guy, keeping tabs on the pulse of Luminopolis on behalf of Hoshizora. (Event)
  • NEW: Blue Biplane - Like the open skies, it beckons with a million possibilities. (Promo)
  • NEW: Kami of Playful Propensities - Loves to play. Dislikes being stationary. (Promo)
  • NEW: Kami of Exceptional Boxes - Not every box can be the One. (Promo)


  • Spicy Shrimp Tempura category changed from 'InProgress' to 'READY_FOR_GAME'
  • Bounding Bundt Cake category changed from 'InProgress' to 'READY_FOR_GAME'
  • TROV-3 Rocket category changed from 'InProgress' to 'READY_FOR_GAME'
  • Flappy Flan category changed from 'InProgress' to 'READY_FOR_GAME'
  • Circuitous Corgi category changed from 'InProgress' to 'READY_FOR_GAME'
  • Jiggling Jelled Sauce category changed from 'InProgress' to 'READY_FOR_GAME'
  • Disaeon the Immortal desc changed
    • from 'Unlocked through the golden dragon effigy or through other platform specific means. Thanks for playing!\n\nHaving this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +1000 Max Health, +1 Maximum Energy, +1 Energy Regeneration and +50 Magic Find.'
    • to 'Like true friendship, Disaeon has survived strife and scarcity, and always come through more powerful than before.\n\nHaving this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +1000 Max Health, +1 Maximum Energy, +1 Energy Regeneration and +50 Magic Find.'
  • Disaeon the Immortal category changed from 'Legendary Dragon' to 'Ancestral Dragon'
  • Corn Rollio category changed from 'InProgress' to 'Rare'



  • NEW: Ticking Timepiece - It might be broken - the hands are stuck at 'Soon'. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Tufty - A mysterious cross of owl and bunny, it would seem strange if it wasn't so funny. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Fiendish Familiar - His true name is Tiercelnydrixalydacorth, but most people call him Jim. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Bananaphomet - A little sweet, a little spicy, the perfect ally when things get dicey. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Ordained Ordnance - Infused with the Sun Goddess's Light, it will smite those naughty in her sight. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Magical Mudskipper - A sage with a sense of humour, if he doesn't already know the answer he can find it out soon enough. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Featured Bug - This beloved bug steals hearts and attention with dazzling displays of colored lights. (InProgress)
  • NEW: The Scarlet Shrike - Ally to the Red Hawk, this super sidekick always has your back when you need it. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Vintage Bunnytron - Docile if doted on, but when it gets mad it gets hopping mad. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Bunnysaurus - Not fluffy, but its smooth scales and tiny 'RAWR!'s are very endearing. (InProgress)
  • NEW: QA Cat - King of bug hunters, but sometimes he is merciful and transforms them into features. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Saucy Meatball - Saucy and spicy, but you shouldn't eat it because you would make it sad. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Dinner Otter - Whether guest or host, it is always ready for foodie times! (InProgress)
  • NEW: Atomic Wraith - Striking silently from afar with overwhelming force. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Skittering Spacebug - This snapping, chittering creature acts aggressive, but it's probably just scared. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Antisocial Hermit Crab - Prefers to just do its own thing. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Twilight Toaster - Flitters around after dark, when everything has been still for a while. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Skope Kreep - Consistently arrives at the very last minute, ruining all your meticulous plans. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Plunder Pup - Scours the seas for the tastiest treats. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Oblivion Bunny - Embrace the darkness. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Neon Nanodrone - Very adept and persistent at giving chase, so shaking it off is going to be a challenge. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Junebug's Jubilee Cake - At this point it causes more vexation than jubilation. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Paintover PuP - New coat of paint, same old friend. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Bitty Dream Bro - @PLACEHOLDER - DESCRIPTION (InProgress)
  • NEW: Bankroller - TEST - COIN ALLY (InProgress)
  • NEW: Dancing Cobra - TEST - COBRA (InProgress)
  • NEW: Kami of Fleet Flight - Always have an avenue for escape, and the means to take advantage of it. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of the Burgeoning Breeze - Sow dissent, reap revolution. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Murderous Mires - Where possible, turn the land itself against your foe. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Quiet Contemplation - Seek your place of solace, and strive to keep it safe from strife. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Beset Burrows - Even at home, always have an escape route, and a position to fall back to. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Empty Enclosures - There is always a way out. Think outside the box. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Enduring Embers - Hope may long lie dormant, waiting for a single breath of air to rekindle it. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Placid Pools - In silence find respite. In respite, find resolve. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Turning Tides - As one rise up, and sweep the Amperium from these lands. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Flourishing Fields - Trampled grass lays the foundation upon which all else may grow. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Nascent Glory - From unshaped rock is born the greatest blade, from a tiny seed the mightiest oak. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Unified Opposition - A common enemy makes for unlikely allies. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Wind-Borne Blossoms - The greatest beauty of life is the things achieved in its fleeting passage. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Savage Splendor - Do not become obsessed with order, lest you blind yourself to beauty born from chaos. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Kami of Guileless Wonder - Shed your preconceptions, and marvel at all the miracles that surround you. (Luminopolis)
  • NEW: Explorer Qubesly - Always looking for new places to go and new people to meet. (Promo)
  • NEW: Mighty Mayo - Don't eat it all at once now. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Proxy - Always takes point on the missions you don't want to deal with. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Sinpie - Everyone wants to get noticed by this sweet upperclassman. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Water Box - Much more resilient than it seems. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Miss Kyliee's Faerie - Only accompanies the most loyal of friends. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Coffee Muaaaaargh - Turn your 'aaaaargh!' into 'ahhh' with a soothing mug of bean brew. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Beeline Feline - This cute kitty is bae as can bee. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Vulpsie - A friendly fox spirit fond of sculpting forms and figures. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Freaky Pineapple - So called not for being particularly frightening, but rather for its propensity to fuss over small things and sudden loud noises. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Wheel of Sin - From the darkness in your heart spring the cruellest shadows. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Dirt Jar Digger - Looks like he found something not-so-useful again... (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Naomi's Tato - A li'l spud bud for you to hang out with. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Gingee - Sweetness to die for. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Raging Red Panda - Small, but fierce. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Flamin' Stein - This light libation is literally lit, so bearded folks beware. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Plague Bearer - The mask is for your protection, not his. (Streamer Dream 2)
  • NEW: Foamy Refreshment - Don't shake it or it might spill over. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Yasqueen - Classy and sassy in equal parts. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Surreptitious Stove - Always hanging out in the background, trying to remain unnoticed. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Mad Thomas's Hat - Worn by a great internet wizard, it absorbed enough magic to gain a life of its own. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Byrone Tiggums - The King in the Shanty. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Squishy Beaniefish - It goes all googly-eyed when it thinks about you, which is all the time. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Vaporwave Vulpine - We are The Wayback Boys. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Dashing Timberwolf - Only runs when it absolutely must, otherwise an elegant lope will do. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Steakmaster Qubesly - Serving up the juiciest steaks this side of the Desert Frontier. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Popsie Performer - Always has a tune to suit your mood. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Towering Taco - Loaded with all the good stuff. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Grog - An unwilling sidekick with grump and sarcasm to spare. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Fiery Feline - Has a tendency to inadvertently set people and things on fire. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: GZ Ghost - Always in The Zone. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Mischief - It's all in the name. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Whompin' Donkey - See? It IS a thing! (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Floaty Rootbeer - Surprisingly successful at keeping a level head. (Streamer Dream 3)
  • NEW: Lil Burgie - Always a welcome guest at any cookout, even if he's sometimes grumpy. (Login)







  • NEW: Gloaming Guardian - A costume for the Vanguardian.\n\nPerfect for heroic souls who hurtle towards hazards head-on. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Twilight Ranger - A costume for the Vanguardian.\n\nWalk the fine line between light and shadow, between justice and vengeance, in this ambivalent vigilante outfit. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Dubstepping Desperado - A costume for the Gunslinger.\n\nThe bass won't be the only thing dropping when you walk into town in these dance floor-filling duds. (InProgress)
  • NEW: Level 30 Knight - Level 30 Knight (Knight)
  • NEW: Resistor Protector - A costume for the Knight.\n\nRide to the rescue with this superpowered battle suit. (Knight)
  • NEW: Level 30 Gunslinger - Level 30 Gunslinger (Gunslinger)
  • NEW: Resistor Blaster - A costume for the Gunslinger.\n\nFinish your foes off from afar with this power-pumping pistoleer outfit. (Gunslinger)
  • NEW: Level 30 Trickster - Level 30 Trickster (Fae Trickster)
  • NEW: Level 30 Dracolyte - Level 30 Dracolyte (Dracolyte)
  • NEW: Level 30 Neon Ninja - Level 30 Neon Ninja (Neon Ninja)
  • NEW: Digital Daemon - A costume for the Neon Ninja.\n\nDon the garb of Neon City's most notorious bounty hunter, but beware, the Amperium detests traitors... (Neon Ninja)
  • NEW: Level 30 Candy Barbarian - Level 30 Candy Barbarian (Candy Barbarian)
  • NEW: Level 30 Ice Sage - Level 30 Ice Sage (Ice Sage)
  • NEW: Level 30 Shadow Hunter - Level 30 Shadow Hunter (Shadow Hunter)
  • NEW: Level 30 Pirate Captain - Level 30 Pirate Captain (Pirate Captain)
  • NEW: Resistor Field Commander - A costume for the Pirate Captain.\n\nSupport your allies with some heavy artillery or wade into the thick of things with this crisp combat uniform. (Pirate Captain)
  • NEW: Level 30 Boomeranger - Level 30 Boomeranger (Boomeranger)
  • NEW: Resistor Gadgeteer - A costume for the Boomeranger.\n\nKeep your foes on their toes with this surprise-filled super suit. (Boomeranger)
  • NEW: Level 30 Tomb Raiser - Level 30 Tomb Raiser (Tomb Raiser)
  • NEW: Resistor Dominator - A costume for the Tomb Raiser.\n\nTurn your robotic foes against their overlords with these master manipulator robes. (Tomb Raiser)
  • NEW: Level 30 Lunar Lancer - Level 30 Lunar Lancer (Lunar Lancer)
  • NEW: Level 30 Revenant - Level 30 Revenant (Revenant)
  • NEW: Resistor Bastion - A costume for the Revenant.\n\nDefend your allies from any onslaught in this spirit-infused power armour. (Revenant)
  • NEW: Level 30 Chloromancer - Level 30 Chloromancer (Chloromancer)
  • NEW: Level 30 Dino Tamer - Level 30 Dino Tamer (Dino Tamer)
  • NEW: Starter Vanguardian - Starter Vanguardian (Vanguardian)
  • NEW: Level 10 Vanguardian - Level 10 Vanguardian (Vanguardian)
  • NEW: Level 20 Vanguardian - Level 20 Vanguardian (Vanguardian)
  • NEW: Level 30 Vanguardian - Level 30 Vanguardian (Vanguardian)
  • NEW: Paragon of the Past - A costume for the Vanguardian.\n\nClassic colours and patterns place this super suit firmly in the Silver Age of Heroics. (Vanguardian)
  • NEW: Avenging Arbiter - A costume for the Vanguardian.\n\nTake a walk on the dark side of the Neon City Nights and dole out some vigilante justice. (Vanguardian)
  • NEW: Resistor Vanguard - A costume for the Vanguardian.\n\n Take to the front lines of the battle against the Amperium in this enhancing super-suit. (Vanguardian)


  • Kami Animist category changed from 'InProgress' to 'Dino Tamer'



  • NEW: Amperium Sentience - Accumulates experience as you complete Dungeons and Battle Arena matches. When fully charged it produces 5 Sentience Shards. Crafted at a Resistor Workbench in Neon City, Luminopolis. (Legendary Tomes)
  • NEW: Charging Schematics - Accumulates experience as you complete Dungeons and Battle Arena matches. When fully charged it produces 5 Charged Circuits. Crafted at a Resistor Workbench in Neon City, Luminopolis. (Legendary Tomes)
  • NEW: Matrix Glitches - Accumulates experience as you complete Dungeons and Battle Arena matches. When fully charged it produces 5 Memory Matrices. Crafted at a Resistor Workbench in Neon City, Luminopolis. (Legendary Tomes)
  • NEW: Infinite Loops - Accumulates experience as you complete Dungeons and Battle Arena matches. When fully charged it produces 5 Logic Loops. Crafted at a Resistor Workbench in Neon City, Luminopolis. (Legendary Tomes)



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