Quest Chain - RENEWUS 2018 (Jan 2nd - Jan 16th)

January 2, 2018 | Evilagician | 8,323

Renewus 2018! from Tuesday, January 2, 2018 to Tuesday, 16, 2018 on PC's and Consoles. Ring in the New Year and earn some Firework Fliers!

Quest Objectives

#1/7: Kill Pitcher Plants in Fae Wilds (20)

Renewus 2018 1/7: Trovian! It's me, Qubesly! The festival of Renewus has begun. It's a time for celebration and merriment, but before it can truly get underway we need to clear out some rabble that want to spoil our fun.

Reward 10x Chaos Chest

Celebrate with something shiny!

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#2/7: Destroy Blocks! (1000)

Renewus 2018 2/7: Time to celebrate! What better way to do that than with explosions? Get some bombs and have a blast!

Bombs can be crafted using the Adventure's Crafting Bench at your Cornerstone or in a Club World.

Reward 5x Heart of Darkness

Celebrate with a bang!

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#3/7: Kill Robospiders in Neon City (20)

Renewus 2018 3/7: The Robospiders in Neon City have been attacking our festival celebrations and wreaking havoc. I need your help to stop them before they ruin everything.

Reward  Despoiled Divinity


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#4/7: Complete 3-Star Dungeons (25)

Renewus 2018 4/7: Renewus is a time for looking back and reflecting on the places we've been and the places we'll go. Why not venture into some Dungeons and visit foes old and new?

Reward 3x Empowered Gem Box

Celebrate with some gems!

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#5/7: Kill Lava Beetles in Dragonfire Peaks (20)

Renewus 2018 5/7: It's awful, Trovian! While you were gone a swarm of Lava Beetles came and stole all of our Renewus punch. Maybe if you hurry you can get it back before it evaporates in the high temperature of Dragonfire Peaks.

Reward 25x Diamond Dragonite

Those fire beetles never knew what hit them.

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#6/7: Complete Challenges (10)

Renewus 2018 6/7: Renewus reminds us to challenge ourselves every day so that we can grow and learn. I'm going to do some Challenges right now, in fact. Will you join me?

Reward Contained Chaos Spark

Challenge yourself!

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#7/7: Kill Enemies (200)

Renewus 2018 7/7: We were gone just a few hours and already the servants of the shadow are everywhere again! A hero's work is never done, Trovian. Here's to another year in the light of the Sun Goddess!

Reward Firework Fliers

New wings for a joyous new year!

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