Quest Chain - Snowfest 2017! (Dec 19th - Jan 2nd)

December 19, 2017 by Evilagician

Snowfest 2017! from Tuesday, December 19, 2017 to Tuesday, January 2, 2018 on PC's and Consoles. Featuring Login bonuses! New adventures! Unique rewards!

Quest ObjectivesTop ^

#1/8: Complete Present Dungeons (5)

Snowfest 2017 1/8: The Radiant Butterfly approaches on her sunlit wings and beckons to all who can hear her plea.

'The winds blow cold across the night sky and Dungeons made of Presents and Evergreens have appeared across the lands. My sister, the Blizzard Behe-Moth, is trapped within the looming dusk. Please help me to free her like the Trovians did for me.'

Reward 1x Titan Soul

Present Lairs ring in the season of Snowfest!

Added Information:

  • Special gift lairs can be found in all the biomes. They spawn at random and show as a lair on the map.

#2/8: Open Some Boxes! (20)

Snowfest 2017 2/8: The celebrations of the season bring joy to the hearts of all Trovians. The light of this joy will act as a beacon to my sister in her journey to the light.

Reward 3x Gem Booster Box

Open a box and find all the shinies!

Added Information:

  • Any box will do, just like the boxes opened contest.

#3/8: Collect Glacial Shards (100)

Snowfest 2017 3/8: Just as a thread of pure sunlight bound together my cocoon, the Blizzard Behe-Moth needs a sliver of Pure Ice to complete hers. Travel to the lands of Permafrost and gather Glacial Shards if you wish to help her with her transformation.

Reward 1x Lunar Soul

Buurrr. That's cold.

Added Information:

  • Buying the shards from the market works.

#4/8: Craft a Shard of Pure Ice

Snowfest 2017 4/8: Now visit the Wheel of Seasons and bind the Glacial Shards into a Shard of Pure Ice. I will see that it is delivered to the Blizzard Behe-Moth to aid her journey.

A Shard of Pure Ice can be crafted at the Wheel of Seasons Crafting Bench at your Cornerstone or in a Club World.


Reward 20x Dragon Coin

Colder than a glacier.

Added Information:

#5/8: Kill a Super Punchbot in Neon City

Snowfest 2017 5/8: The Blizzard Behe-Moth is still beyond the dusk and I cannot give her the Shard of Pure Ice until she is closer to the dawn. I need the power core from a Super Punchbot in Neon City in order to preserve it until she arrives.

Reward 25x Diamond Dragonite

You feel a cold wind blowing.

Added Information:

#6/8: Kill Horned Rumpfuses in Permafrost (100)

Snowfest 2017 6/8: The Blizzard Behe-Moth is close to cresting over Permafrost, but the wicked Horned Rumpfus has appeared in Permafrost and will drain her power if they are allowed to catch her. Will you help to drive them back, Trovian?

Reward  Angry Poop

The Horned Rumpfus left behind a, er... gift for you.

Added Information:

  • These special mobs respawn quite quick, running around in circles ^^.

#7/8: Complete 1-Star Dungeons (50)

Snowfest 2017 7/8: My sister is nearly here and the Snowfest Celebrations beckon her to you, Trovian. Only a small task remains. Drive the shadows back and draw her to the light.

Reward 1x Builder's Superior Focus

Diamonds that sparkle like the snow.

Added Information:

#8/8: Open More Boxes! (20)

Snowfest 2017 8/8: The Blizzard Behe-Moth has fully emerged into the light, Trovian! In the spirit of the Snowfest season, open some boxes and rejoice in dusk and dawn reuniting to ring in a Joyful Snowfest.

Reward Blizzard Behe-Moth

The Blizzard Behe-Moth has arrived!

Added Information:

  • Any box will do, just like the boxes opened contest.

Crafting the Go-Go Cocoa MugTop ^

The  Go-Go Cocoa Mug can be crafted at the hub, underneath the xmas tree ^^. To craft it you need the following materials:

Crafting the two new frosty costumesTop ^

Two new costumes have been added to the chaos crafting bench, you will need the following materials to uplock them.

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