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The CD as the second stat is more of a future proofing, incase we ever get enough attack speed from dragons to drop it from the gear. I'm sorry this build doesn't cater to the early game.

This piece has been an emoji on the discord server for a while now, but i thought i would upload it so people could see it in it's full glory.


Voted: Chloromancer

Voted: Chloromancer

Because it's the best class.

I've known about mods for a long time, and have always been intruiged by them, but it was only after the old mod loader died and two new ones spawned that i finally decided to delve into the whole thing.

I have tried both the new loaders and from testing out both of them, i find TroveTools to be the most accessible one, and thus it is my preffered one.

For the most part i only use graphical mods, things like Novuhz's drop VFX mod and Martial/Arcane VFX mod, No clouds, etc.

If i could pick something i wanted to see someone make, it would have to either be new VFX for the shadow hunter's class gem, or a dragon that fits with the Dub-o-Mancer costume.



Yes, Junebug stole my hat ;p


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