Quest chain - Shadow's Eve 2017 (Oct 24th - Nov 6th)

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The Suntouched Shimmerwing needs your help again!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 to Monday, November 6, 2017 on PC's and Consoles.

The event features a new 7 step quest chain, daily login rewards and pumpkins!

New blocky bonus:  Musical Mat



Quest ObjectivesTop ^

#1/7: Complete Pumpkin Lairs (5)

Shadow's Eve 2017 1/7: Trovian! It's me, Qubesly! Awaken your Drak-o-lantern and spookytime costumes - Shadow's Eve has returned and Pumpkin Lairs have risen across the landscape of Trove once more.

Reward 5x  Bound Brilliance

I don't care what anyone else says, those Pumpkin Lairs are spooky!

Added Information:

  • Pumpkin Lairs spawn in every biome

#2/7: Craft a Haunted Mystery Box 

Shadow's Eve 2017 2/7: Candy Corn: love it or hate it? I prefer to turn it into other treats! New Haunted Mystery Boxes can be found on the Shadowy Station in the Hub.

Reward 10x  Chaos Chest

A box here. A box there. Filled with treats for all to share.


Haunted Mystery Box

Crafted using:  Shadowy Station (Shadowy)



#3/7: Collect Pumpkins (50)

Shadow's Eve 2017 3/7: Pumpkins are my favorite part of Shadow's Eve. Carved into decorations, eaten in a pie, or used to create something new at the Shadowy Station!

Pumpkins can be acquired through Gardening or from completing Pumpkin Lairs. They are also found in Shadow's Eve Adventurer Chests.

Reward 5x  Lapis Luckbug

So many tasty pumpkins. Time to do some baking.

Added Information:

  • There are special lairs around with pumpkins to pickup.

#4/7: Craft a Giant Pumpkin Pie 

Shadow's Eve 2017 4/7: I'm throwing a Shadow's Eve Party but everyone is bringing tricks instead of treats. If you were to bake me a pie with those pumpkins you picked, I could offer you something nice in return.

A Giant Pumpkin Pie can be crafted at the Shadowy Station in the Shadow's Eve Hub.

Reward 1x  Double Experience Potion

This pie is delicious! Here's something to aid you on the next leg of your journey.


Giant Pumpkin Pie

Crafted using:  Shadowy Station (Shadowy)



#5/7: Complete 1-Star Dungeons (50)

Shadow's Eve 2017 5/7: Did you hear? Todstrom has shown his cowardly face again, this time in 1-Star Dungeons in the Cursed Vale!

Complete 1-Star Dungeons in any biome. Todstrom may appear in 1-Star Dungeons in Cursed Vale during Shadow's Eve, but his trick is your treat! Defeat him to receive extra rewards.

Reward 5x  Bound Brilliance

Todstrom never learns, does he?

#6/7: Kill Bare-Bones Skeletons in Cursed Vale (200)

Shadow's Eve 2017 6/7: I've always liked Cursed Vale but this time of year its denizens are out in droves, especially the bare-boned skeletons. Someone needs to do something about those guys, no bones about it!

Reward 10x  Bound Brilliance

You sure rattled their bones, Trovian!

Additional information

  • There are two different Cursed Value Subbiomes
    • One spawns skeleton Vikings
    • One spawns Bare-bone skeletons and Armored skeletons

#7/7: Kill a Dracolich in a 1-Star Dungeon (1])

Shadow's Eve 2017 7/7: Have you ever seen a Dracolich? They reside in the Permafrost biome and horde their treasure below the ice. It is said that dispatching a Dracolich during Shadow's Eve will assure a Merry Snowfest in the future. Will you help end this celebration with a bang, Trovian?

Reward 25x  Diamond Dragonite

Have a spooky and safe Shadow's Eve, Trovian!

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