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Depth Charge Guides

Posted April 18, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 2,638 times.

Tags: Event

Depth Charge is an event that runs Tuesday, April 18, 2017 to Tuesday, May 2, 2017. Complete a series of quests to unlock your very own Minerbot Qubesly ally.

Note: Please note that is event is PC only, however it is the last PC exclusive event.

Depth Charge Liberate Minerbot Qubesly from his captors!

(1/9) Acquire Shapestone (300)

You were minding your business one day, just mining Shapestone…

Task: Mine 300x Shapestone Ore

Reward: 10x Miner's Trove

Hey, some good loot might be inside.

(2/9) Defeat Steambot Drones in Cursed Vale Caves (50)

...when a radio-like sound came out of nowhere: 'Help! Er, you can help, right? I'm stuck inside some sort of mining bot. This is my most desperate hour. Help me Trovian. You're my only hope. Smash some Steambot Drones to free me! We're stuck in a cave, building character through delayed grottofication. Get it? Ha!'

Task: Kill 50 Steambot Drones in Cursed Vale Caves

Reward: 10x Lesser Dragon Cache

No mysterious radio talker was found, but one miner was carrying this.

(3/9) Acquire Formicite (300)

The plucky voice comes through the radio static. 'I guess I'm inside some other mining bot. It's really hard to tell which one from the inside! If you mine some formacite, I might be able to form a sight of where I am! Get it? Did you see what I did there? Say, I like you.'

Task: Mine 300x Formicite Ore

Reward: Double Experience Potion

This was embedded, like a fly in amber.

(4/9) Defeat Miners in Haunted Isles Caves (50)

The voice continues, happily oblivious to your needs, 'Oh! I hear spooky noises. And the lapping waves of the Drowned Worlds. And the echo of caves. Smash some Steambots here and soon I'll be free! And punch their miner buddies for me, would ya? Quick! Let's be pun-ctual about it! They're looking for something!'

Task: Kill 50 Steambots in Haunted Isles Caves.

Reward: 10x Dragon Coin

One of the drudges must have found these.

(5/9) Acquire Crystallized Clouds (100)

'It sure is hot and cramped in here. I'm sure I will survive, but a few ground Crystallized Clouds sure would let me live a bit longer, if I'm lucky enough to be found by you. Seriously, I've got no childen either, and how am I supposed to breathe with no heir?'

Task: Mine 100x Crystallized Cloud

Reward: 3x Empowered Gem Box

While mining, you find these.

(6/9) Defeat Steambot Overseers in the High Lands (100)

'I'm in a Steambot Overseer! Right below the brain-bucket. I'm sure of it! You're in the Cursed Skylands anyways, right? Defeat some by chopping them off at the ankles! Haha! No seriously, I'll crawl out of the leg-hole and tell you about their plot to find sun shards and enslave the universe.'

Task: Kill 100 Steambot Overseers in Cursed Skylands.

Reward: 5x Chaos Chest

The Overseers were carrying chaos chests. That's unusual.

(7/9) Defeat Steambot Overseers in the Fae Forest Caves (25)

'These guys are really on the move. We're in the forest now. Hurry! Smash more Steambot Overseers and I'll be free. I read the manual for how to build these things once. It was riveting! But really, these robots are digging up everything looking for some kind of sun shard. I don't think they'll find it though, because they are pretty shady.'

Task: Kill 25 Steambot Overseers in Fae Forest Caves.

Reward: 5x Chaos Chest

Is someone buying these robot miners with chaos chests? Who? And why?

(8/9) Defeat Gigas Minerbots in Dragonfire Peaks Caves (50)

'Now I remember – I'm in a Gigas Minerbot! They drilled that into me actually, but I found it boring. Sorry, could've saved you some time. Time waits for no man, but I'm a little robot, and I don't want to rust in peace, so maybe we could hang out together after this?'

Task: Kill 50 Minerbots in Dragonfire Peaks Caves

Reward: Minerbot Qubesly

Your pun-y new friend jumps gleefully from the wreckage of a Gigas Minerbot.

(9/9) Acquire Infinium (100)

'Those miners were up all night looking for some kind of sun shard. It never dawned on them where to find them though. We'll find out what they were up to in no time. But I always say that time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. Anayways, let's mine our own businss for a while'

Task: Mine 100x Infinium Ore

Reward: 25x Diamond Dragonite

You hope this can buy you a quiet moment alone.


You can find a large Dragonfire Peaks cave and do the quest there.

The following mod can help locate the miner bots, while Boss Radar mod can be used for the big guys.

The npcs you need to kill do respawn.


Minerbot waypoint

No description entered

Ainogommon (PC) 1 week ago (4)

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