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PC/Mac Patch Notes - Snowfest & Get Crafty! - December 20, 2016

December 20, 2016 by Trove Forums

Chaos Chests have been revamped, Crafting Inventory added, Challenges and Minigames updates as well as Snowfest.

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Chaos Chest Changes

Crafting Inventory

  • The crafting inventory tab is now live!
  • Any crafting materials collected now go to a separate tab in the inventory and can stack up to very large numbers.
  • Right click any crafting materials in your adventure inventory you want to move into your crafting inventory.

Challenges and Minigames

  • You can now craft the materials required for Racing and Coin Collect minigames using the Worldspring!
  • New challenge maps have been added for these minigames!
    • The Kitchen racing map from Scytheplays with help from KieraDescent and Fatal_L3gacy
    • The Fountain Island collect map from Zez
  • Challenges now award a new lesser dragon cache that isn't tradable but always contains at least one Dragon Coin at common and at rare gives 25. It also has an extra fast filling Karma bar. This should increase the amount of dragon coins it is possible to earn for playing challenges.



  • Starter classes now permanently cost 250 Credits.
  • Advanced classes now permanently cost 750 Credits.
  • There are now three new packs in the store that contain varying amounts of 'Credit Pouches'. These pouches are worth 250 Credits each when consumed and are tradable.
  • Due to the addition of tradable Credits, collectible store items are purchased for unlock rather than trade and some tradable items like Class Coins and Inventory Expanders are now obsolete and have been retired from the store.
  • A new Chaos Chest weekly deal has been introduced and is live this week. The patron deal will return next week!
  • The Dark Dungeoneer, Firey Fighter, and Celestial Champion packs are now only visible in-game for new players.
  • The 10 pack of Chaos Chests in the store is now the 11 pack. The 100 pack of chaos chests now gives 110 and a Golden Chaos Chest.

Early Game Changes

  • The makeup of (what used to be called) Novice to Uber-5 worlds has been changed, to "unlock" and feature one biome per world. The worlds are also renamed to the name of the biome that is unveiled. Uber-6 and up are unchanged.
  • Since Dragonfire Peaks and Jurassic Jungle are restricted to U4 and U5, they will no longer appear as biome challenges.
  • Trading, community and club chests, and the marketplace now require mastery rank 20.
  • The Mastery Rank 5 and RAF class coins now only unlock starter classes.
  • Due to the availability of classes through other gameplay means, the class coin awarded at rank 25 mastery has been removed.

Marketplace Changes

  • Removed Chaos Chests, Eye of Q'bthulhus, and Glim from marketplace currency.
  • Since we're increasing how much Flux you can store, we figured we should increase how much flux you can charge for your Marketplace listings! The new maximum is 25 million flux.

New Dungeons

  • New Frontier Dungeon from Keyser95!
  • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Player214!
  • Added a voxelbusters seasonal battle arena to rotation!

Additional Updates

  • Fix crash occuring when using Shadow Tower dialog when the client is using OpenGL on Mac or Windows.
  • Multithreading fixes for fullscreen mode on Mac.
  • Client no longer gets stuck trying to find the next item in the action bar after removing the active item from action bar within build mode.
  • Due to the number of legendary tomes we've decided to reduce the experience required to fill them to half of what is now. Have fun!
  • Leveling costumes are now 35 mastery and other costumes are 70 mastery.
  • Since the value of these items are decreasing we have removed non tradable Class Coin and Inventory Expander from rare table of daily lockboxes.
  • The Classy Kiwi ally has been added to The Streamer Dream chest.
  • It is now possible to use RMB to move items from the Build Mode inventory to the Marketplace.
  • Cracked gems now appear cracked once more.
  • The game now handles the enemies killed stat correctly with regard to the Dracolyte's Burnt Offerings.
  • Mastery is now awarded immediately when an XP coin is used.
  • Better auto-selection of the first available recipe for the workbench.
  • Handle near simultaneous equipping and trashing of an inventory slot.
  • Revenant Costume - Super Magical now indicates creator in item description.
  • Stacks of Credits have been renamed to Decorative Money to reduce confusion in the Marketplace.
  • Fixed some cut-off text in the workbenches UI for French and German.
  • Decreased the font size for claim titles to fix some cutoff text for French and German.
  • Decreased the font size for category headers in the crafting UI to fix some cutoff text for French and German.

Login Bonuses 12/20-1/16

  • Why stop opening presents on the 24th! Get a present every day through January 16th!




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