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Don’t miss this chance to secure your Trove Merchandise!

Trove Blog May 10, 2021 0 0

Dear Trovians,

Our fantastic Trove merchandise is available on Amazon for 2 weeks now!
Have you had the chance to discover our merchandise on Amazon or even get your hands on some of it yet? Do you already own any of the products of the Trove collection?

If not, or you just haven’t had the time yet – now is your chance! Over the next 9 weeks, we’ll be presenting to you all of our various Trove collections.

We’ll show you each design, along with a cool event that will give you the chance to win a T-Shirt with the design of the week! What do you think ? Participating is definitely worth the effort, dont you think?

How can I get Trove merchandise on Amazon?
Nothing easier than that:

1st Week – Trove is Love

Trove Blog May 10, 2021 0 0

Trove is love and love is Trove, so Trove is all you need! There’s no better way to show and share your passion for all things square than with this official Trove is Love design. No matter the product, whether on a t-shirt, hoodie, popsocket or phone case, this design makes a perfect gift for all block-building enthusiasts.



Etaew May 10, 2018 8 11

To celebrate the cakeday of our friend [user=SwiftNightShadow], we are hosting an art contest and challenge the Trove community artists to draw her characters.

Bomber Royale Mode Sets its Sights on Trove

Etaew May 10, 2018 1 8

An exciting twist on battle royale gameplay, Bomber Royale is coming to Trove!

Trove’s Bomber Royale Mode

Trove Blog May 10, 2018 4 6

Hey folks. We’re beyond excited to share the new competitive multiplayer mode coming to Trove this summer: Trove Bomber Royale!


Chloromancer Art Contest - Results

Etaew May 10, 2017 0 0

Thanks for taking part in our monthly community class art contest, this month you were tasked with drawing the Chloromancer class. We've checked the submissions and are ready to present the results. 


Developer Interview - Dopesheet

Etaew May 10, 2015 4 1

In our third interview with the Trove team, we speak with Dopesheet, an animator on Trove.