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My name starts with the number zero [not letter o or O] and my club 0sita, too. I am German, born 1960, female.

I was lucky enough to go to a technical school in 1975. The 2nd year that admitted women there. And the first year in which computer science was taught there. I have a technical apprenticeship, attended a technical university (dropped out for financial reasons), worked in many technical areas and was mostly the only woman in the work areas. I avoided desk jobs (i never worked as a programmer) and used to ride my motorbike even in winter until I fell ill. My last motorcycle was a vintage BMW, 1000 ccm, weight 200 kg, max speed 200 km/h (never tested); sitting on it only my toes touched the ground, and yes, if you know how, you can set it up again with only 55 kg of own weight, if it drops. I am a bitter opponent of the German school system (I think it is unique in the whole world), which in my day discriminated girls and is still a socially unfair system.

Osita is a spanish word meaning "little female bear" and correctly translated into an other language [yeah, nice riddle] it is my real life first name. Unfortunately osita was used in trove, I had to use 0sita.


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