Getting Started

The Main guide with all the basic knowledge you need for creating and uploading your dungeons to Trove Creations on Trovesaurus.

View the how to get started guide

General guides and tips

These guides have important guidelines and useful tips.

  1. General Trove Style Guidelines
  2. Guide to Material Mapping
  3. Trove Biome colors and concepts
    Each creation must belong to some biome. You can find lists of colors that are used in a biome on Mod Info tab.
  4. Metaforge Guide

Dungeon and Lair guides

These guides explain how to create dungeons and lairs, how to use metaforge.

  1. Chapter 1: Dungeon Basics
  2. Chapter 2: Planning your dungeon
  3. Chapter 3: Creating your dungeon models
  4. Chapter 4: METAFORGE: Plugs and Sockets
  5. Chapter 5: Creating the .dungeon file
  6. Chapter 6: METAFORGE: Testing your dungeon
  7. Chapter 7: METAFORGE: Decorating your dungeon
  8. Chapter 8: Finishing Touches

Check also Extended Plugs and Sockets guide if you need additional information on Socketings.

Metaforge Trials are fun an easy way to apply your Socketing knowledge and learn new mechanics on pre-made blueprints.

Styles and Decoration guides

Guides on how to create the various styles and deco.

  1. Hat Creation guide
  2. Face Creation Guide
  3. Hair Creation Guide
  4. Sword Creation Guide
  5. Staff Creation Guide
  6. Spear Creation Guide
  7. Gun Creation Guide
  8. Bow Creation Guide
  9. Fist Creation Guide
  10. Decoration Creation Guide