Before you submit your dungeon for review and Trove, check with this list and see if you can confirm all statements.

  1. My dungeon consist of few rooms including entrance, gameplay rooms and boss room(s).
  2. My dungeon has at least two variations of each room.
  3. There is an obvious entrance and clear path to boss in my dungeon.
  4. My dungeon is friendly to new players (two jumps limit).
  5. There is enough room for fighting and moving in my dungeon.
  6. There are monster spawns and boss spawn(s) in my dungeon.
  7. There is an exit portal in my dungeon.
  8. My dungeon fits in the biome of my choice and follows color pallet of said biome.

If everyting above can be said about your dungeon, congratulations! You are ready to submit it for the game.

Follow steps in this guide to post it on Trovesaurus. It will be reviewed by moderators and after Accepted for the game by Developers.

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thanks for make this gide it going help so much i hope like what i going to make