Trove Creations

Here you can submit your Dungeons, Styles and Decorations to be reviewed, accepted and added to Trove!  For accepted submissions creators get Rewards. Interested? Check our How to get started guide!

Have questions? Join us in #trovecreations channel on Trovesaurus Discord.

If you want to create and submit mods for Costumes, Mounts, Allies and other collection items please visit our Mods Home Page.


Mods submitted to the game developers and accepted are eligible for rewards in-game.

All accepted assets will come with 50 Codes of that asset.

Description of Assets Accepted Asset Reward
  • Styles (Weapons, Hats, Faces, Hair Styles)
  • Decorations
  • 250 Credits
  • Allies
  • VFX-based mods
  • Sails
  • 5,000 Credits
  • Non-Talisman Mounts
  • Magriders
  • Dance Pads
  • Boats (no sail)
  • 10,000 Credits
  • Boat and Sail set
  • Talisman Mounts
  • Single-Asset Costumes (Should include Hat/Face and Weapon)
    • Candy Barbarian
    • Knight
    • Fae Trickster
    • Gunslinger
    • Ice Sage
    • Neon Ninja
    • Revenant
    • Shadow Hunter
    • Vanguardian
  • Lairs
  • TDM Only PvP Map
  • 15,000 Credits
  • Lairs also earn 3 Golden Chaos Chests
  • Costumes with pets or multiple props
    • Boomeranger
    • Chloromancer
    • Dino Tamer
    • Dracolyte
    • Lunar Lancer
    • Pirate Captain
    • Tomb Raiser
  • CTF PvP Map
  • Minigames
  • 20,000 Credits
  • Minigames also earn 3 Golden Chaos Chests
  • Dragons
  • Dungeons
  • Something Epic (very unique or special)
  • 25,000 Credits
  • Dungeon
    30,000 Credits
    5 Golden Chaos Chests

This is the official place to submit your creations to Trove. We are direct descendants of /r/TroveCreations, which is no longer functional. All reviews are happening here on Trovesaurus now.

Please do not post creations that already have been Accepted on reddit. Every item that was sent in to Developers will make its way in game. We are sorry for the delay.

Decorations are the only exception to statement above, if you had a Decoration accepted on Reddit that did not go Live, please feel free to post it again here, including the link to the Reddit post.

Current process:

  • Submit a Creation, new creations are marked as Active.
  • When you are ready, advance your creation to Needs Review so moderators can review it.
  • Moderators either advance your creation to Approved or set it back to Active, if there are flaws.
  • Trove Team reviews Approved creations. Bounties and exceptional submissions are occasionally accepted and rewards are distributed.
Creations Team

The Creations Team approves player submissions for the Trove Team to accept.

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