Shadow Sabre

[Melee] [Shadow Dungeon]

2 months ago

by KrisWitherstorm Home Files

A sword made for the Shadow Pirates.

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Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva December 3, 2020


The sword looks fine :) I like how elegant its design is. However, with Trove Creations you need to be sure to follow the rules. You can find guidelines for swords here:

To highlight some most important moments:

- every style must have an Attachment Point - pink voxel that tells the game where to place your model.

- every model must face its correct direction and must fit within bounding box - maximal possible dimensions. If the model exceeds those dimensions it will likely get in the way of character movement or combat animations.

- there are over 900 various melee designs in game so every sword that can get approved now must have a unique design and stunning appearances. It can be easier to go for hammer/blunt designs and/or pick a biome that does not have all too many melee styles available.

I am going to change the status of your creation to Active for now, change it back to Needs Review if you upload changes. If you d rather create something completely different, set this one to Draft, that will hide it from the list and free up a creation slot.

In any case, good luck! 

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by KrisWitherstorm December 2, 2020






Needs Review




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Ylva 2 months ago

Shadow Sabre status has been set to Needs Review

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