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Commented on Frozen Warhammer Melee creation

Ylva Creations Team
5 days ago

Hello again!

This definitely is going in right direction. Hammer looks so much better than swords, good job!

I believe we only have one shadow-themed hammer, Void Pounder, and your design does look different from that so we can check the 'uniqueness' off the list :)

There is still the 'wow' factor that needs to be present in some way though. Im not opposed to simplistic designs and they surely can have certain charm to them but i think in this case it would be easier to attract attention and promote the 'we need this in game' vibe if the hammer had more elaborate shape or referenced something specific out of Shadow realm. Could try a bit more colors than pitch black, grey and purple.

Also please dont forget to include an in-game screenshot of an appropriate class wielding the weapon next time :)

Changing status to Active for now.