Mysterious casters from beyond the Planes, Chloromancer's basic attacks heal allies, damage enemies, and grow their plants faster. Leafy Lashers snare foes and deals damage, Blooming Pollinators deals damage and heal allies, and Sow Chaos grows many plants quickly to turn the tide of battle.

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Typical Chloro January 9, 2017
DamageSupportShadow TowersLeveling

Chloro is a decent DPS and has heals/support abilities. Can be used as a tank, though less so in Ultra ST.

Full DPS January 2, 2017
FarmingShadow TowersLevelingDamage

This Chloromancer is made in only the dps for the farmeo and the lightness.

Kukui's Chloromancer Build. January 9, 2017

Chloromancer's stats build from Kukui's Class Guide with Empowered Gems from Underrated54's guide.

My Favorite Farm Build for Both ST and Adventure Worlds December 19. 2017

This is the build I use for my Chloromancer on a daily basis for both ST and Adventure Worlds.

DPS CM Into the Deep Hotfix
BuildingShadow Towers

Semi tank February 6, 2017
FarmingShadow TowersSupportTank

Chloromancer a.k.a chloro/healer is currently the only class which give a sustainable amount of healing for the team. It not only can improve the survivability for other tanks(most likely rev / cb), but also dealing a good amount of damage at the same time. With this build you can also stand inside the crowd of enemies, ease the pain of other tanks. In addition, Her attacks covers a wide area which is one of the best among the others.

Zamato-Kun's CM build May Update
SupportShadow TowersDamageLeveling

Hey guys this is just what i use on this character. Im no pro at all so just take this information with a grain of salt. This is my informative guide on the Chloroformancer, i mean chloromancer.

Feel the thorns' embrace !!! January 9, 2017
LevelingShadow TowersDamageSupport

- Canbe call Chlo.