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Its cool how u can talk to other people from the same country as you as i only met a few in trove itself


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I really like to build in trove because I was first inspired by Voxul, after that I realise that building in trove was like building in Minecraft but up 1 level. In trove there is such a wide variety of colours and the amount of jumps you can have helps a lot. I am able to make use of my creativity to make things in Trove after that judge what I have built and improve on it. There is barely any limits to what u can build like a Dragon a castle a city, this is why I think building is the most fun thing for me in Trove

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I would say maybe have like a showcase of club of the month via like voting based on everyone in the website as like that would help to give inspiration to other beginner builders as well as promote the club which is featured!