As I near the end of my personal task list for the site, I would like to hear from you guys. What would you like me to work on?

My aim lately has been to enhance Trovesaurus as a platform for content, and not actually create the content myself. Which is why you tend not to see many guides from me lately.


  • List things that you would like Trovesaurus to work on
  • Post your suggestion as a comment on this article

Please remember Trovesaurus is a fan-made site, which is not affiliated with Trion Worlds, please don't post requests for game changes. And I am only one man, I can't do everything, or spend the majority of my day working on this site.

Please try to keep your suggestions in a single comment thread.


  • Wednesday, June 7, 2017 to Wednesday, June 14, 2017


  • 1 random commenter will receive 3x Reward Tokens
  • 2 random commenter will receive 2x Reward Tokens
  • 4 random commenter will receive 1x Reward Tokens
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Hello I am so happy I think I can post my message now. I have have been a fan of your work here on this site. I wanted to enter a previous contest but I missed that deadline and never got to post in that one. But I finally got my iPad to work with the site. I did have issues with it but not sure if it's my iPad I don't use pc at all so I only use a phone or my iPad. Thankyou for doing this for the community. I also tried to add myself to our club roster and we can't figure out if she has to add me or I have to join it myself. I think it may be iPad but I don't know for sure. I was able to register in time to post this. I am member of The High Council on Xbox I like to build a lot we don't like to brag but we are home of some of top block placers. We point others to this site all the time and if we can help be ambassadors on Xbox for you we will. Can't wait for new content. We are big fans of trovesaurus.

A tutorial page for new members so that they can make the most out of Trovesaurus would be nice.

There already is a tips page?

Could put a page talking about the shadow tower with the names of people who were among the 100 best with their times marked by the week. I believe that content talking about speedrun does not have on the site and many from what I see in the game ask me how it is, and how that works as if it were testimonials from people active in it at a time. Remembering that it's just something I do not think I have.

Thanks for the suggestion, Shadow Tower related content is possible, but likely more informational. I don't want to tie myself down to maintaining a list of "leaderboards" as this would require significant time to keep updated.

Trovesaurus Gold giveaways here on the site perhaps, and not just on discord. And maybe a suggested mods page/suggested class builds page (if that doesnt exist).

Chrono has added suggested builds to most classes.

So that already existed? How about suggested mods? And my logic with the gold giveaways here is that most people on here don't do discord, but you could make it an extra for those who do do discord.

Somehow the "Ol' Gold-on-Green" highlands decoration got into the Sails list labeled "Basic Sail".

You should fix that, and check if there are any other "leaked" nonexistant items like that.

It looks like this still exists in the client, so it wouldn't make sense for me to remove it just now. We do have some leftover test items still there, it might be confusing for players sadly. I might add a note to it.

a forum where people can sell their items on console or pc

An out of game marketplace isn't a top priority for me, unless I receive a guarantee it would be used by enough people to justify it. The in-game market should be enough for most people.

Trove should add sea monsters like the Kraken. Also can u guys fix the item drop thingy, every time I kill a monster in the water the item it drops isn't able to be picked up. Thanks

This is not for suggestions for the Trove game, I'm sorry.

if items fall into water or lava, just simply HOLD E

I do no if it's possible, but i think that a video showcase for each costumes and auras on the website would be a good choice, a lot of people get confused when decide to buy a costume, so a video showcase would be very useful.

The community could help with the videos!

I would like to see an easier way to edit profiles than there already is, since new members sometimes get confused by the current edit layout.

I'd love to hear more about how you think it is confusing, and how you would suggest it be improved.

I would say maybe have like a showcase of club of the month via like voting based on everyone in the website as like that would help to give inspiration to other beginner builders as well as promote the club which is featured!



We did used to write up some articles on some features clubs, or mods, or dungeons. But the audience wasn't that large. It might be something we do again, but have to justify the time investment (and find the victim to write it up)

Bring back build contests please!! I had just found your site when I entered the pvp arena and minigames build contest and won. That made my week! Haha I havent seen anymore like that since though and my xbox club members heckle me about when you will have another one all the time. 

We had:

There are plans for more, but it's not that we don't do them. It takes time to organise and judge.

I totally forgot about the Valentine's day one. I did enter that one and win some reward points also. So thank you so much for Pinny Dragon she is a big sweetie. Unfortunately the rest were before I became a trovian. I will be patiently awaiting the next one though. Thanks for all the great info and contests Etaew. Honestly, if it hadn't been for the extras your site offers to the Trove experience I may have been bored with waiting for Microsoft to approve content updates and stopped playing for awhile. 

How can I add my other club members to my xbox club on Trovesaurus? I've sent many members to the site and got them to sign up but we haven't figured out how to list them as members.

Btw..just wanted to say thanks for such a great site. Love it! 

Have them visit your club entry, and press the join button.

I think it would be nice to have some trading thingy where trovesaurus members could buy and sell ingame items and maybe trovesaurus tokens aswell.

The site could be visually updated. I think its pretty good as it is, but you know... for variation :d

1. Since there are so many giveaways, one of the rewards could be trovesaurus gold, it doesnt have to be 30 days tho.

2. Premium giveaways for gold members only?

3.minigames for giveaways (could be something as simple as tic tac toe) 

A new thing I've been doing is almost daily giveaways on Discord.

Gold members are entered into a draw for 3 Reward Tokens once a month.

Minigames, no?

1) I would like to see a story writing contest, for example, I can imagine really nice Christmas ones     in a couple of months, or Halloween themed. 

2) Another nice thing could be a birthday reminder, showing the people that are celebrating.

3) More options for clubs to promote themselves, such as a weekly compilation of the                         best/funniest/most creative builds chosen by people´s votes?



[Creative writing contest]

Yeah, this is something I'd like to do. Would depend on topic and time requirements (reading would take a while so needs a voulenteer from the mod team).

[Birthday reminder]

I'm not sure I want to track this information from people, or how useful it would be.

[Club promotion and builds]

I'd like this, but it would require time and someone to be responsible for it. It would also require involvement by the clubs, which tends to be low recently.

From what i have heard from a friend...once u have registered for a gold membership that is reoccuring, it is very very difficult to find a way to stop payments. Is there a way you can make this much easier for those who are on tight budgets? My friend had a steady job and was able to afford it for quite some time, but things went south and decided he needed to pull the plug on gold for a bit until he can get things back in line. After many hours trying to figure out how to disable his reoccuring payment method, he finally figured something out. Not sure what he did, but it was a last ditch effort type of thing. Something like that shouldnt have to happen. Can you fix it so reoccuring payments can be shutoff easier?

There is a clear message on the Gold page, that if anyone has any issues they can message me at any time. As for recurring donations, these can be cancelled manually from within PayPal, although I'd love the option to remove it from the button as I'd prefer people to do it manually every time to prevent issues (I can't find that option on PayPal for donation buttons though).

I think a recommendation for the page is that, as a community that is growing, more than all those who strive to create good mods, have a reward either monthly mods or every 3 months give that time for people to choose the Best mod and 1 or 5 better give them a reward, thus it would be fomenting the creativity and dedication of the community of trove =)

**i use google translate sorry for the grammar**


=D xoxo <3

[Rewarding modders]

This is a tricky one, since it would require time investment on my part, as well as someone to judge mods to highlight. It might be something we do.

I hope for console Rewards for  contests and giveaways :/

The rewards are always pc only

There are restrictions on packs for consoles, so that won't happen, but we are looking to fill up dragons and some other things for consoles :)

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Maybe support other people's creations and putting links to their gem pr, tome and other caculators?And a section indicating whats event is going to happen in the coming weeks.

We do have a list of community resources , and we do add items to the calendar when we know they are upcoming.

Make more contests like these ! As in contests that doesn't really require artistic skills. Maybe I haven't been long enough on Trovesaurus to know, but since I've been here there's been a lot of art contests (hardly good at them ><). However, I'm grateful enough that there are rewards for random participants which is fair, and also the Llamafest contest that I really enjoyed participating in. I wish to see more creative events !


Other than that, there's nothing more I want out of Trovesaurus. I am completely 11/10 comfortable using the website. Pretty impressive for a one-man work ! Keep it up ! I wish Trion rewards you well for doing this.

Maybe you could add more badges?

Nope, this already exists.

What about the possibility of a standardised format layout for all the collection hubs, would be good so that it all matches instead of each category having a different format and structure.

The costumes and boats have a very nice layout in structure, the parts like tomes and allies for example misses the colour bars

Styles and Deco use 2 different filter types

Dragons have some images as the icon and some as background pictures

Fishing cuts off the image and doesnt look anything like the others but when in the selected page, would look btetr grouped by rarity than by alphabetical.


Dunno what anyone else thinks :)


[Collections section]

Yeah the collection pages do need to be standardised, I want to upgrade it to offer Icon view and List view options. As for Styles and Deco, these are different types, they aren't collections.

Add A Chat so people on different systems can talk to people on the same And different

And I would like to see a friends list

Are these suggestions for Trovesaurus because we have both? Trovesaurus Discord and the ability to follow users.

Never knew


 add place thats trovesarus players can post things they want to sell/buy in trove 

[Trade section]

I don't really plan on doing this, unless there is a significant demand for it. Same as with a #trade chat on Trovesaurus Discord. I'm happy with the in-game marketplace.

*Add Account Linking. (Like linking your steam account/or social media account to trovesaurus website).

*Add more account login security . (Like adding Multifactor Authentication , if somehow you forgot to logout your account on a "computer" browser you dont own).

*A way to add custom language besides the ones in the drop down list.

*Add website themes? (Like blind mode , dark mode etc...)


 #Maybe you could also add a page with the updated pricing list of all ingame items in trove

- Overall everything looks fine on the website

Thanks ^_^ 

[Account linking]

Perhaps, but this would only display links on your profile.

[Login security for public machines]

This is a valid request for people who use shared machines, I may add a second link to click on the login email for the ability to log in temporarily.

[Custom languages]

You can add custom languages, just head to the site translation section and create your own language pack in your profile. If it gets enough users and is complete enough, contact me and I can add it to the drop-down.

[Website themes]

This won't be something I add, it's already a lot of work to maintain a single one.

[Pricing List]

This isn't something I plan to manually add, since it changes. There is an option on every item to set a market price.

 Personally for ease of use the bar at the top needs a home button and I think players should have badges next to their name to show their contribution to the site and it would also let new people know who they can trust

[Home button to nav]

The logo is a home button

[Player badges displayed in comments]

I like this idea.

maybe make the website a bit more colourful or easier to browse through.


That request is a bit vague, do you have anything specific in mind?

 Maybe an easier way too login on this site, currently as i remember you need to login via the mail you receive (when you like reset cache and stuff), i mostly don't get the mail the first attempt or it takes a long time up an hour or more.

Thanks for the request, but I don't plan to change the login system anytime soon. Mail works well for most people, and when you log in via mail from one location without logging out, it'll keep you logged in for a very long time.

Make the Trovesaurus discord a better place! Add more of the features which are on this website to the discord server and things!

You'd need to be more specific, I have started adding a rolling giveaway to Discord. And we have a bot which announces news, calendar entries, mods, developer posts and art. But we did deactivate the bot which does database lookups.

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I got two suggestions right now in my mind, let me share them:

  • The "Themes" section is a great addition to the site and I guess it's not entirely finished yet, could you maybe add more of them? Maybe comb them together with the style groups that in-game hat/face/weapon items are categorized in (Undead, Tundra, etc.) and keep those that are more "general"/not tied to a biome (e. g. Shadow, Arcanium, Infineon). Also, could you please add some sort of a "color chart" to each theme (e. g. the typical colors used in the Shadow Tower)?
  • The "tagging feature" at Database -> Styles is also a good thing but it needs a little clean-up. Some of them seem irrelevant, having slightly different tags (e. g. "book" and "books") is unnecessary I think. I know these tags are user-made, maybe some guidelines should be set so users don't make redundant tags.

Yeah, that's about it. Thanks for all the work you've done so far!



I would welcome specific suggestions relating to this, I set up some basic ones.

[Style Tagging]

These were user added, but it needed to be maintained. This might be a feature I remove alltogether.

i would like to see the updated mods back or did you put in other location? (sorry my bad english i'm still learning)

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Could you add in main page a link to this:


The link is found on the top nav already, More -> Tools -> Translate

Here are 3 of my suggestions! hope they might help:


- The text fonts and colours are kind of dull and really basic, it would be really cool if you had more   colours than blue/black/yellow and different styles for seperate texts of the tabs.

- The UI looks really outdated and basic like a newsletter of some sort similar to reddit, if it were to   be bolder and roundy kind of like the trove website it would be much user friendly to browse xD.

- You should make a list of 10 people who won first place in many contests and invite them all to  a  private special contest so they can compete against each other for first place and see whos the  best. it would be really challenging and worthy of the spotlight! :o

The site style has evolved over the history of the site, right now it uses Bootstrap as a base. I am happy with this for now as a full re-design would take a lot of time. I welcome specific suggestions though, this is too vague.

As for contests for winners, this isn't something I want to do, since it would split up our users.

Maybe you should change the site ui to be more cooler

Trovesarurs twiter/facebookpage/stream

live chat with all the members thats online at the site

random tip show up at site like you can see contest everywhere

These already exist.

oh thats cool to know but there is more 2 ideas here 

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Just wanted to say thanks for the work your doing and have done .

and altho i,m a fairly new player this site has helped a great deal, that said, I some time find it hard to locate uptodate information.  Not sure if thats a common theme or a problem on my end =(

Also to quote aycfes

"All items should have a description of what they are/do and how to get them, as quite a lot of them are virtually blank. my vote for this

and thanks again for your time

I would love to see Hall of Fame here on Trovesaurus where we could to see winner's of contest's even after 1 year what will probably even better option if everytime put winner's on "trovesaurus News" ;o) (and I talk about contests only, not giveaways because giveaway doesn't need too much effort like contest do) .

That's not a bad idea. Although could get tricky when we have lots of "winners" in some art contests etc.

Then make a little explanation on top in "Hall of Fame" that everyone could know that "contest to contest aren't equal to themself" and I guess that 80-90% of player's should understand what that explanation means ;o)

Would love Trovesaurus to have something like a Tipps & Tricks corner, where you can just see random Tipps, written by experienced Players or search for specific ones.

For example a few simple Tipps like a List of the gems maximum rarity you can find in each Uber-World or a approximately tested drop chance for class gem keys & other rare drops or a little bit more advanced stuff like a beginner flipping guide and wich Items to flipp when starting (i know most players tend to keep their flipping technique a big secret, but I guess a bit more obvious tipps, such as: buy radiant shards for <4 and sell for 4.5-5 (depending on current market situation and stack size), would also be helpful, espacially for beginners).

Oh, didnt knew about this :D

Can u work on having like a mod for music making using music blocks. just like an assistance or something. :) it would help a lot for builders :)

Trovesaurus doesn't work on mods, you can request this from members of the community. As for guides for music making, that is something I would like, but that is also up to the community.

Oh and i forgot to mention : It would be great if you guys set up a special Trovesaurus chat channel for people who got questions to ask or for advices live .

Ummm Im pretty sure u forgot about me but I got banned in there for being immature and for being a crappy lazy dude like 1 yr ago . So I cant use it but ur website is a great place cuz of all the functionality u guys got . So yeah . Also tell everyone I said Hi plz xD

I would like to see more contests directed at console. While I understand the PC version has been out for a significantly longer period of time, I think it would be good to get Xbox and Playstation players a little more involved. I think this could be done by more daily/monthly giveaways directed at these specific communities. Maybe even streak rewards for logging on to the Trove website a certain amount of days in which then you can claim some sort of reward after the Xth day and so on.

[Contests directed at consoles]

Rewards that work on consoles will be released when Megalithic update arrives. Unfortuntely due to console contracts we can't offer any packs that are sold on consoles, for fairness it's possible we won't restock packs for PC.

[Login rewards]

Perhaps, but this isn't a high priority. I would need to run some numbers and figure out some appropriate safeguards for abuse.

More design events

What kind of design?

[Deleted User]

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Please remember that Trovesaurus is a fan site, and this contest is not about changes you are requesting to the game.

Redesigning the website ui (or wutever they are called) could make it look a bit magnificent !

Or maybe you could make the website wallpaper change for a person each time they log in ! Like the RNGesus style starting screen mod for trove ! Idk if its possible but i think its gonna be awesome looking ! Also you guys could do some kind of a quiz contest or a reverse giveaway ! Its fun in my opinion !

[Redesigning the site]

This would take significant time and resources, for now unless you have some specific suggestions I will only make small adjustments as I see they are needed.

[Change the wallpaper]

You can already set your wallpaper preference in your profile.

[Deleted User]

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Please remember that Trovesaurus is a fan site, and this contest is not about changes you are requesting to the game.

This site is already amazing, but the things that i think should be improved are item pages.

All items should have a description of what they are/do and how to get them, as quite a lot of them are virtually blank.

the second thing is that there should be a better item viewer for those who can't open the current one, sketchfab, for example.

- I agree that items should be given some base descriptions, we did initially approach the Trove wiki to see if they were interested but they prefered to focus efforts on their own platform. I've started to recruit some Trovesaurus community members to start entering some information and may plan a way for users to submit suggestions.

- For an addition item viewer. Yeah I have noticed that Troxel can sometimes be unreliable, however due to the way the Trove files are stored (blueprints) I can't add a native render from existing solutions. There is a web viewer I have tested for QBCL files, but these require being converted first. We do try to make sure there are screenshots for all game items though.

I would to see some form of mini contests, basically small contests with small themes and small rewards such as 1 or 2 reward tokens for winners instead of the usual 3, although I would love to see more frequent modding contests as well.

- Each contest does take a significant amount of time to set up, as well as conclude. Outside of the monthly contests, we might not see anything smaller for a while.
- More modding contests, this is something I'd like to do