Heckbugs in Love 2021

February 9, 2021 (updated 4 weeks ago) by Etaew

Event Summary

Main Quest Chain

#0/8: Reach Mastery Level 10 to Unlock this Event Adventure

Rewards: Confetti Ball 1

#1/8: Lonely Critters Club (25)

"Heckbugs In Love 1/8: Hi Trovian! It's good ol' buddy Qubesly, again. It's that time of year when The Heckbugs emerge and cause all sorts of trouble. Heckbugs are dangerous unless you have one of your own. I need you to go find another friendly heckbug down in the geode. With its help we can fight back against this buggy invasion."

Rewards: Preserved Pow Meat 1

#2/8: Throw the Preserved Pow Meat (2)

"Heckbugs In Love 2/8: Great job, now use this Preserved Pow Meat, I kept from last year to summon a little heckbug helper. Don't worry, it's Pre-serv-ed Pow Meat. I'm sure it’s still good, plus heckbugs don't care too much as far as I know. Heckbugs will eat anything and can wonder off after a while. Just throw the Preserved Pow Meat and it'll run right back. "

Rewards: Dragon Coin 15

WARNING from Trove Dev Team:

We heard the Preserved Pow Meat appears to have some preservation issues. Our developers are on it, but until then you will get one Preserved Pow Meat. Please remember to only claim it after you have already traveled to Dragonfire Peaks. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

#3/8: Heckbug Infestation in Dragonfire Peaks (15)

"Heckbugs In Love 3/8:  Reunited with a heckbug and it feels so good. Sorry, was just happy to see you and that little one. Dragonfire Peaks needs your help. Take that heckbug and go fight back. If you're lucky, one of the heckbugs will fall in love with your companion and leave you a special surprise!"

Rewards: Bound Brilliance 15

Use your Preserved meat near various Heck Bug monsters found in Dragonfire Peaks biome. They are highlighted with a Pink Heart vfx around them.

#4/8: Loot Skittering Heart Boxes from Heckbugs (10)

"Heckbugs In Love 4/8: Too many Heckbugs? Keep that little friend and you'll be fine. It'll help you take down those heckbugs. Sometimes they even drop some Skittering Heart Boxes. Go on and take them out, then open up some boxes."

Rewards: Ninth Life 1

#5/8: Defend against an infestation Invasion (5)

"Heckbugs In Love 5/8: Look out it's a heckbug from the sky. Keep an eye out for these invaders and sadly I think they are too nasty for your Heckbug helper. Looks like you'll need to do the dirty work here."

Rewards: Heckbug Baby

#6/8: Summon a Heckbug baby

"Heckbugs In Love 6/8: Hey there Trovian!! Thanks for all your help with the heckbug situation. I found this while you were out. Here is your very own heckbug baby. Who knew these things could be so cute. Still a little dangerous, but cute. Anyways summon it so I can take a closer look."

Rewards: Crystalline Core 25

#7/8: Help Heckbugs find love (5)

"Heckbugs In Love 7/8: You're becoming a real bug match maker. Get back out there and help those little critters find some love. Dragonfire Peaks is waiting and has plenty of Heckbugs that need to become lovebugs. Just keep at it and your little helper will find love sooner or later."

Rewards: Lunar Soul 6

#8/8: Open Lockboxes (150)

"Heckbugs In Love 8/8: Feels like you really put a dent in the amount of heckbugs, thank you Trovian. Now get going and open up some boxes. Remember your little heckbug helper can romance to get more boxes. Go on an opening spree. You've earned it."

Rewards: Builder's Superior Focus 1

Any loot boxes work.

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Fellas report that this event is broken atm (the Preserved Pow Meat disappears).

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