● Ежедневные призы за вход ●

13/03/2018 Lapis Luckbug (x3)
14/03/2018 Gem Booster Box (x1)
15/03/2018 Chaos Chest (x7)
16/03/2018 Dragon Coin (x5)
17/03/2018 Bound Brilliance (x3)
18/03/2018 Gem Booster Box (x3)
19/03/2018 Empowered Gem Box (x1)
20/03/2018 Gem Booster Box (x1)
21/03/2018 Lapis Luckbug (x3)
22/03/2018 Diamond Dragonite (x5)
23/03/2018 Bound Brilliance (x3)
24/03/2018 Ninth Life (x1)
25/03/2018 Chaos Chest (x7)
26/03/2018 Dragon Coin (x5)

Maybe he'll be available among Luxion's wares some day. =)

Чтобы не плодить лишние темы на сайте, напишу (в сжатом виде) сюда про текущий ивент.

● Ивент: The Trials of St. Qubeslick ●
■ 13 марта 2018 - 27 марта 2018 ■

#1/10 Пройти однозвёздочные данжи (50) ➤ Награда: Despoiled Divinity (x1)
#2/10 Победить врагов в биоме Permafrost (100) ➤ Награда: Lapis Luckbug (x10)
#3/10 Накопать Shapestone (200) ➤ Награда: Empowered Gem Box (x3)
#4/10 Победить боссов в биоме Jurassic Jungle (25) ➤ Награда: Heart of Darkness (x5)
#5/10 Наловить рыбок Jumping Jadefin ➤ Награда: Chaos Chest (x10)
#6/10 Победить врагов в биоме Desert Frontier (100) ➤ Награда: Ninth Life (x1)
#7/10 Накопать Infinium (100) ➤ Награда: Double Experience Potion (x1)
#8/10 Победить боссов в биоме Forbidden Spires (25) ➤ Награда: Diamond Dragonite (x25)
#9/10 Пройти трёхзвёздочные данжи (25) ➤ Награда: пет Shimmying Shamrock
#10/10 Победить врагов в Shadow Tower (250) ➤ Награда: Contained Chaos Spark (x1)

Теперь русский пак сайта переведён на 100%, и, те, кто с английским на "вы", могут пользоваться Тровазаурусом свободно!

Ну ... по крайней мере, переведено всё то, что было доступно, так как количество выражений для перевода ограничено, и многое, что есть на сайте, не охвачено.

С радостью жду замечаний по переводу - так как найти выражение сходу не всегда представляется возможным, и смысловой посыл может отличаться от исходного, из-за расхождения перевода, "выдёрнутого" из контекста.

Yes, it does. Also adds a sound notification (in a sound version of the mod).

The video is no longer available.

Just noticed (updated the mod today from an older version) a bug - you can't right/left-click the chat (and nicknames) while the chat is "closed".

So, checking the single private message has went from a simple "hold the "release mouse" button, hover on the tab, click to see, and click again to get back into the channel you were prior to that" to the "open the chat, click the tab, click the previous tab, close the chat" (which requires that you drop either WASD or mouse to press Enter).

The first action cound be done while running, fighting, ect, in split-second. As for the second one - you have to stop (unless you're flying/sailing), and use a keyboard, which adds an inconveniance.

The last version that was free of that bug is 2.0.8.

I'm very tempted to use the mod as I used to, but I'm stuck at that older version atm, because of that bug.

No mod interfering involved - I tested this with a single mod (this one) being active.

Made a vid (first half is the new 2.1.1 version, the second half is the old 2.0.8 one):

I found a way to get this mod working in a .tmod format (I'm using it rn).

Contacted the author (SngLol) with the links of converted mod versions, waiting for a response (because I won't post converted mods without a permission).

I'm tempted to show it to other fellas (via the modpack), but I can't, because my modpack uses only the mods that work flawlessly - and this mod works perfectly, we just have to inform the author so he'll update the mod with new .tmod's. =)

Thank you so much for updating it into .tmod! =)

I confirm the lack of text (nicknames) on the minimap after the update.

Приятно, что кто-то переводит новости на другой язык. Спасибо тебе, JerarFernandes (PC) .

Инфа (гайд) по текущему ивенту в новостях.

Мерцающее Крыло нуждается в твоей помощи, тровианец!

Русскоязычных моддеров много (видно даже по никам), но не все сидят (или вообще зареганы) тут. А те, кто сидят - скорее всего не выставили (присоединились) страну.


Hello lads and gents!

A simple mod today, I got the idea from a guy (sorry I don't remember your name but I hope you'll see this page one day) in one of my chats that was trying to unlike a world that had its Homeworld Heart removed.

So what is this mod about?

It provides an easy way to unlike liked worlds without the need of a Homeworld Heart, simply enter the world you want to unlike and then press the unlike button.
Especially useful if you've liked a world that is destroyed / abandoned and a Homeworld Heart no longer exists in that world.

I hope that the mod will make your liked worlds list feel better and as always feel free to send me a message with your mod suggestions or any bug reports.

WARNING: If you are not in the world you want to unlike, the unlike won't have any effect!

See you around!

Nice mod. Clears the screen for those who main GS.

Works perfectly. Thank you.

Strange behavior, like in the "Improved Bear+Bird Decoration Drops Visibility" mod.


Equipped, facing left

Equipped, facing right

Installed it and...

I usually don't mind the size, but that's SUPA THICC! =D

A little bug.

When you put something in the sell slot, input the price, and try to use the right and left arrows to delete, for example, the 2 in 22000, the cursor gets "teleported" to the end of the value. Pointing in the right place with a mouse (and using the Delete/Backspace) works, however.

Thank you. Clears the screen, without turning the graphics to "potato mode". =)

Yes. Just keep farming the same mobs that drop the Schematics.

I have 2 extra Schematics atm (after I crafted the portal).

Nice little mod. The pic fits the game style perfectly. =)

Thank you. =)

Works like a charm. Another info stat is always a good thing. Allows us to separate pies from flies. If the streamer is "shy" to show his coeff - he's a ... you know. =)

I can confirm that "Karma Tooltip" mod by StormReaper (its box auto-open part) is working correctly with this mod. I opened a bunch of gem boxes on 70x, and witnessed no problem at all.

TheSymbol, don't worry about the coefficient value, it's roundup error (in comparison to Pfiffel's Damage Calculator) is 0.0001% to 0.0002% (tested on two of my classes, and got a 0.00013898984% and 0.00021731182% roundup error respectively).

One suggestion though - you could add the thousand separators.

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