Quest Chain - Snowfest 2018 - December 19, 2018 - January 01, 2019

December 19, 2018 by Evilagician

Snowfest is Back! Make your own epic snow horse during this event! From Wednesday, December 19, 2018 to Monday, January 01, 2019 on PC's and Consoles.

#1/8 Complete Present Dungeons (5)

Snowfest 2018 1/8: You hear a whiney carrying on the wind, could it be that Frovious, the Snowsteed is real? Legend had it Frovious could be found wherever joy was around. Clear out some present dungeons to see if you can catch his scent!

Reward: Titan Soul 1

#2/8 Open Some Boxes! (20)

Snowfest 2018 2/8: The whiney grows louder as you vanquish the fearsome foes. Opening boxes is also a surefire way to make Trovians happy, that should help bring Frovious forward.

Reward: Gem Booster Box 3

#3/8 Collect Glacial Shards (100)

Snowfest 2018 3/8: As your joy grows what you need to do to bring Frovious back becomes crystal clear. Travel the lands of the Permafrost and Gather Crystal shards to help allow Frovious to reform. Don't you want to build a snowhorse?

Reward: Lunar Soul 1

#4/8 Craft a Shard of Pure Ice (1)

Snowfest 2018 4/8: Now visit the Wheel of Seasons and bind the Glacial Shards into a Shard of Pure Ice. This shard can be used to reform Frovious's horn.


Reward: Dragon Coin 20


#5/8 Kill a Punchbot in Neon City (1)

Snowfest 2018 5/8: Super Punchbots in Neon city have power cores that can be used to expand the Shard of Pure ice into Frovious's full form.

Reward: Diamond Dragonite 25

#6/8 Kill Horned Rumpfuses in Permafrost (30)

Snowfest 2018 6/8: Horned Rumpfuses were also thought do be a myth but they have returned in vengeance this snowfest. Clear them out to ensure Frovious's safe return.

Reward: Ally: Tumbling Present 1

#7/8 Complete 1-Star Dungeons (50)

Snowfest 2018 7/8: Frovious is nearly reformed and the Snowfest Celebrations beckon him to you, Trovian. Only a small task remains. Drive the shadows back and draw him to the light.

Reward: Builder's Superior Focus 1

#8/8 Open More Boxes! (20)

Snowfest 2018 8/8: Frovious has fully reformed in the light, Trovian! In the spirit of the Snowfest season, open some boxes and rejoice in his majesty ring in a Joyful Snowfest.

Reward: Mount: Frovious, the Snowsteed 1

Daily Login Rewards

* Daily rewards marked will have a mastery requirement of 20.


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