Quest Chain - Luxion is Missing- July 31, 2018 - August 13, 2018

July 31, 2018 by Evilagician 12,862 6

Luxion has gone missing! Put your dragon coins back in your wallet and help find Luxion from Tuesday, July 31, 2018 to Monday, August 13, 2018 on PC's and Consoles. 

#1/8 Collect Flux Treasures (5)Top ^

Luxion is Missing! 1/8: Trovian, it's me, Qubesly. Something has happened to Luxion. I mean, I assume something has happened to Luxion because he's supposed to be here and he's not!

Maybe the Flux Treasures he sometimes collects have a clue to his location.

Reward: Dragon Coin 5

#2/8 Mine Infinium (100)Top ^

Luxion is Missing! 2/8: Hmm, I haven't found any obvious yet. Let's try gathering another thing Luxion loves - Infinium!

Reward: Dragon Coin 5

Infinium can best be mind in Candoria

#3/8 Defeat Golden Scarabs (3)Top ^

Luxion is Missing! 3/8: As you may have guessed, Luxion loves gold, or anything the color of gold at least. Maybe the Golden Scarabs of Medieval Highlands know what happened to him.

Reward: Gem Booster Box 3

#4/8 Collect Air Gem Boxes (20)Top ^

Luxion is Missing! 4/8: I think it's time for a different approach, Trovian. Luxion is, after all, a dragon and dragons love to soar high above the clouds. I think it's time to visit the Cursed Skylands.

Reward: Bound Brilliance 10

#5/8 Mine Primordial Flame (100)Top ^

Luxion is Missing! 5/8: Now let's find some flame, some Primordial Flame, that is.

Reward: Diamond Dragonite 25

#6/8 Defeat Bosses in Dragonfire Peaks (25)Top ^

Luxion is Missing! 6/8: It's possible that Luxion was kidnapped (dragonapped?) by his kin in Dragonfire Peaks. They might not be too happy with how he sells parts of his hoard to Trovians like yourself.

Reward: Dragon Coin 10

#7/8 Collect Gleamstone (50)Top ^

Luxion is Missing! 7/8: I can't believe I didn't think of it before, Trovian. Geode! Luxion shares the Trovian's affinity with the Sun Goddess. Perhaps he went to Geode to visit Her followers there. You search the caves and I'll search the Hub.

Reward: Builder's Superior Focus 1

Editor Tip: Boxes don't count!

#8/8 Complete an Adventure for GabbroTop ^

Luxion is Missing! 8/8: Trovian! You're never going to believe this. I found Luxion, and he has a litter of dragon whelps with him!

He's been staying with Gabbro in the Geode Hub until the little ones are ready to return to Trove. He would like to entrust one of the whelps to you, but Gabbro is insisting you first prove that you have an adequately caring nature.

Reward: Golden Hoard Dragon Soul 5

Daily Login RewardsTop ^


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