Quest Chain - Sunfest 2018- July 10, 2018 - July 23, 2018

July 10, 2018 by Evilagician

Praise the Sun Goddess! Days be long, hot and sunny. Join us in the celebration of Sunfest from Tuesday, July 10, 2018 to Monday, July 23, 2018 on PC's and Consoles. 

#1/8 Mine Shapestone or Gleamstone (200)Top ^

Sunfest 2018 1/8: Greetings, denizens of the light! Qubesly here to announce that Sunfest is upon us once more - a time for Trovians and Geodians alike to celebrate.

Shapestone deposits can be found in Trove adventure worlds and Gleamstone can be found in any Geodian cave.

Reward: Jade Clover 10

#2/8 Defeat Shadow Pinata Invaders (10)Top ^

Sunfest 2018 2/8: Attention, merry makers! Shadow Pinata Invaders are milling about in Trovian prime worlds as we speak. Smack their horse-headed darkness to smithereens for Celebratory Pinatas, Pinata Coins, and rare loot!

Reward: Empowered Gem Box 3

#3/8 Complete an Outpost or Geode AdventureTop ^

Sunfest 2018 3/8: The Resistors celebrate the Sun Goddess by driving back the forces of the Amperium. The Geodians celebrate by caring for the critters and caves of Geode. Let's help them out.

Travel to a Neon City biome and look for areas denoted Luminopolis. Within these areas are Outpost Shrines with friendly Resistor NPCs who offer unique Adventures.

Reward: Dragon Coin 20

#4/8 Complete a Club AdventureTop ^

Sunfest 2018 4/8: Sunfest isn't just about the Sun Goddess. It's about celebrating our fellow Trovians and Geodians too. By helping each other we build a stronger front against the Shadow.

Club Adventures can be accepted from one's own Club or found in other Clubs by entering one of the Club Portals in the Hub.

Reward: Golden Ticket Chest 2018 5

#5/8 Open Golden Ticket Chests (5)Top ^

Sunfest 2018 5/8: The gifts of Elysia are many. This time of year, the Sun Goddess gifts special caches to her followers on Trove and Geode. However, those wicked Shadow Pinata Invaders sometimes steal these caches!

Recieve a Golden Ticket Chest for each day that you login during Sunfest. These lootboxes also have a rare chance to drop from Shadow Pinata Invaders.

Reward: Golden Vale Dragon Egg Fragment 25

#6/8 Collect a Golden Soul or a Builder's BoxTop ^

Sunfest 2018 6/8: Whether Trovian or Geodian, mining is a large part of our way of life.

Builder''s Boxes can be rarely found in Gleamstone and Moonstone veins in Geode caves. Golden Souls can appear rarely in any ore vein in Trovian adventure worlds.

Reward: Lustrous Gem Box 3

#7/8 Throw Big Bombs in Bomber Royale (20)Top ^

Sunfest 2018 7/8: The Geodians' favorite arena sport is called Bomber Royale. Trovians are built for it! I played many Arena Matches myself back when I was a young qubling.

Bomber Royale can be entered from the Arena Portal in the Trovian and Geodian Hubs.

Reward: Summer Pinata 10

#8/8 Smash Pinatas! (10)Top ^

Sunfest 2018 8/8: Pinatas can be smashed, which gives you great loot, and anyone nearby gets something! Throw a Pinata party today!

You can throw a pinata by placing it in a useable slot like a Bomb.

Reward: Golden Vale Dragon Pup

Daily Login RewardsTop ^


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