Quest Chain - A Hero Rises - MAR 27, 2018 - APR 10, 2018

March 27, 2018 by Evilagician

A Hero Rises! from Tuesday, March 27, 2018 to Tuesday, April 10, 2018 on PC's and Consoles. Release your inner hero and join the fight against the Amperium!


#1/7 Defeat Luminopolis Dungeon Bosses (20)

A Hero Rises 1/7: Neologus, a Robot Overlord of Neon City, beeps and whirrs as he approaches. "Trovian. Do you know of C455-Andra and the Amperium? They wish to rule Neon City and recycle older bots like me. Urgent action is needed. Please acknowledge."

Travel to a Neon City biome and look for areas denoted Luminopolis.

Reward  Empowered Gem Box 3

Added Information:

#2/7 Complete a Luminopolis Adventure

A Hero Rises 2/7: Thank you. Your response has been recorded. Like-minded citizens, calling themselves Resistors, are seeking heroes like you in Neon City. Will you join the Resistors? Please acknowledge.

Travel to a Neon City biome and look for areas denoted Luminopolis. Within these areas are Outpost Shrines with friendly Resistor NPCs who offer unique Adventures.

Reward  Adventurine 40

Added Information:

#3/7 Collect Plasmium (225)

A Hero Rises 3/7: New report received. Plasmium resources are running low in the Resistor reserves. Action required as soon as possible. Please acknowledge.

Plasmium can be acquired by defeating robots and Dungeon and Lair bosses in Neon City biomes. It can also be obtained from Neon City Supply Caches, which drop from the same sources.

Reward  Dragon Coin 20

Added Information:

#4/7 Collect Robotic Salvage (90)

A Hero Rises 4/7: New report received. Attacks by the Amperium continue. Robotic Salvage supplies are diminishing at an accelerated rate. Please acknowledge.

Robotic Salvage can be acquired by defeating Robots in Neon City biomes.

Reward  Diamond Dragonite 25

Added Information:

#5/7 Collect Blank Scrolls (12)

A Hero Rises 5/7: New report received. Reports are at risk due to lack of paper supplies. Please acknowledge.

Blank Scrolls are most commonly obtained by deconstructing recipes found in Recipe Lairs in any biome.

Reward  Double Experience Potion 1

Added Information:

#6/7 Craft a Memory Matrix 

A Hero Rises 6/7: Trovian. The Resistors are impressed with your contributions. They invite you to peruse their fabricator offerings. Recommended recipe - Memory Matrix. This can be used to create many items of interest.

Visit a Resistor Workbench at an Outpost Shrine in a Luminopolis region of Neon City and craft a Memory Matrix.

Recipe will be made available when Etaew finishes the database update.

Reward  Sentience Shard 1

Added Information:

#7/7 Complete a Rampage Challenge 

A Hero Rises 7/7: Calling all Resistor forces! Prepare for battle. The Amperium has revealed their secret weapon. Please acknowledge.

Rampage Challenges have a chance of occurring once an hour. When a Rampage Challenge begins, travel to a Neon City biome and look for areas denoted Luminopolis to participate.

Reward  Mount: Yongari, Broker of Secrets 1

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Daily Login BonusesTop ^


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