Trovesaurus Development Diary - November 2017

December 1, 2017 | Etaew | 477

Another packed month full of changes, find out what what they are below.

Changes for Artists

  • The Contest drop-down box when uploading Art is now automatically filled from all open art contests
  • Added a new [artlarge] tag, this creates a large box for art that can be used on pages, you can use this by adding artlarge=theartid inside the square brackets
  • When using the [arttag] tag, the results are ordered by number of likes received
  • [art] tags have been changed to now generate art links with icon, tooltip and background colour
  • Added a new field to state what relation to Trove the art has, this is a required field for contest entries going forward. This change was added to make it easier to judge contests fairly by making sure everyone was submitting appropriate art and removing the need for us to be all knowing beings
  • Added experimental framework to allow Artists to flag their art as Looking for Modder, and browse Modders looking for Artists, and link art to mods
  • Artists accounts can now be set into hibernation mode, this hides all non tagged art from everyone including the artist (to prevent deletion and to preserve historical likes and comments), this is only available under very specific circumstances and requires me to set it
  • A commented icon is now displayed on the gallery if you have commented on that particular art submission
  • The "liked" button has returned to the gallery, filter the view by art that you like
  • To help prevent confusion editing art tags is now done through its own link again, instead of under the main edit art tab
  • Friends now mean something, you can filter the gallery to show submissions of those you follow
  • Art gallery no longer displays colouring entries by default, or announces them on Discord and Twitter. They can be viewed by selecting the Colouring filter, or when viewing contest entries
  • The most liked button has returned to the gallery, see the most popular art once again!
  • Pixel Art is a new category for art
  • Colouring entries are no longer counted towards Artist status
  • Added some clarification to the art upload form to a few things artists agree to when they upload art, this includes the ability for trovesaurus to distribute the art on social media, and news articles with appropriate credit, and the loss of the ability to request deletion of images if they are entered into a contest
  • Most liked art no longer counts art that has received no likes, reducing the results
  • Added a new gallery filter for "weekly top" which displays the art created in the last week in order of the most likes
  • Art tags section is hidden if there are no tags on the page and you can't edit it
  • The edit tags button text and the edit art button text are now hooked up to the edit translation of the site language

Changes for Modders

  • Mod replaces information is now found on the top of the mod, instead of squeezed in the side
  • Added [mod] tag, this generates mod links with icon, tooltip and background colour. To use this add mod=modid in the square brackets.
  • Experimental framework to allow Modders to flag their mods as Looking for Artists, and browse Artists looking for Modders, and link mods to art.
  • Changed the way mods are displayed in search results
  • You can now filter mods by ones you like, and by modders that you follow
  • Condensed the mods dropdown menu slightly
  • Mod preview images can now use any image that is uploaded if the mod is not claimed

Changes for Guide and News Creators

  • [page] tags now point to page links instead of previews, [pagebox] tags now point to the old preview functionality
  • Guides page has a bit of a facelift, now back with images instead of boring list
  • Edit page tab now shows current server time, to help with scheduling
  • If there are less than 3 h2s on a page, and there are more than 3 h3s on a page, the table of contents uses the h3s to generate itself
  • Removed old format for displaying small guides from the "your guides" section of the guides page, added its own specific sidebar showing recent guides and your hidden guides
  • Pages now include a large icon near the title, making use of the icon field which is shown on other page lists, pages still can accept images
  • You can no longer like or comment on a page until it has been published

Changes for Translators

  • Fixed an issue where having a large number of language users meant you couldnt edit the site language due to the page loading super slow
  • New site translation strings:
    • [activity]
    • [events]
    • [vendors]
    • [recipes]
    • [tags]
  • We are now able to read and write base 128 varints, so translation strings of all sizes can be written now. This is most noticeable with character sets that require more bytes per character.

Changes for Clubs

  • Club database entry creators are now by default managers of their club
  • Club prop graphs now have a 50 props buffer at start and end, also the minimum value of the graph is now set at the starting props
  • Club owners can now delete their clubs
  • Changed the way clubs are displayed in search results

Changes for Streamers

  • Streamers should now be able to make use of the trovesaurus code vault (requires twitch link in profile text)

Changes for Gold Members

  • Split the gold settings and status into two pages

Changes for Trion

  • Trion staff are now always considered gold members, for feature purposes, this means they can feature trove livestreams and adverts are hidden
  • Developer icons on the site now use developer glasses

Changes for Everyone

  • Refreshed the design of the individual calendar page, and removed legacy code from user / calendar pages
  • page now lets you view Gold Users, Trovesaurus Staff, Trion, Banned Users, Users, Active Users, Artists, Active Artists, Modders and Active Modders.
  • Added framework to automatically collect information on YouTube videos related to Trove
  • Item, collection and class pages now have the ability to look up related videos
  • The steam workshop stats gathering task can no longer get caught on mods that are hidden or deleted
  • Added a pts version of collections db and index, links mostly hidden, but they can show up in a new tab on search
  • Unified the way tags are processed, this means that previews are back on the front page for tags
  • Internal links are now unbolded and less large
  • Updated the design of page boxes to try to give it more space
  • Added some text shadow to internal db links (users/collections) etc, so they are easier to read on the colour
  • Events created late will no longer announce that they have been created, just started giveaways will no longer double announce with "events" as well
  • The NPC importer has been re-written, this can now collect flags (drops) properly, and supports collecting adventure information
  • NPCs page has been updated, now has various buttons to help filter
  • Adventures, Fixtures, Frameworks sections are now visible.
  • Removed obsolete notification for no email address, added new notification for setting your site icon
  • One of the oldest pages on the site has been updated to our newer style,, included is a new way it reads the type of items from the client
  • Fixed many missing items, and decos have also the correct type imported
  • - deco page has been updated, can now be filtered by bench, or list the uncraftable deco
  • Updated the style of the recipe box
  • Recipes can now be directly linked, and commented on
  • Added an additional method to automatically grant gold to people who use paypal on a different email address than their trovesaurus address (requires one time setting per user)
  • News index page now uses the site standard pagination, additionally the tags on page previews now point to our cleaner urls
  • Moved items in the collections menu into a submenu, and added the different style types into a new styles submenu
  • Styles page has received a url upgrade, added now are direct clickable filters for type, and group
  • Future event draws wont happen all at the same time, making the site inaccessible (hopefully)
  • Links to giveaway stats are now included on giveaway pages, these now show the history of giveaways, users who have entered the most, the most unlucky users, and the most lucky users, depending on how many giveaways they have entered and won
  • Fishing page has been updated with a cleaner url and style, bringing it up to date with more of the site
  • The "forums" feature (overview of comments) has received a bit of an appearance overhaul, to bring it more up to date
  • The forum tracker (popular threads over time periods) has received an appearance and url overhaul to bring it up to date:
  • Added a new activity page, this is an easier point of call for seeing the latest comments, images, art, mods and guides, although appearance likely needs a clean
  • Updated the lootboxes page, and added to the navigation menu under items, style improvements will need to come later, likely adding some filters to group the boxes together
  • Added the crafting benches to the deco entry on the navigation menu as a submenu
  • Collection designers now support multiple users listed, this shows for the inconsistant displays that trion use , and &
  • Giveaway boxes preview text can now process site tags
  • Removed unused sections:
    • Dungeons
    • Gear upgrades
    • Links
    • Loot builder
    • Kiwidar
    • Questions
    • Cornerstones
    • Forum stats
    • Downtime summaries
    • Server status image
    • Tasks
    • Troxel
    • Trove creations
  • All site pages now have appropriate permalink urls sent in the meta tags, this is useful to help search engines index the site appropriately, and avoid duplicate pages based on url changes
  • Internal, i now have the ability to delete removed styles and blueprints easier
  • The calendar history page now uses the site standard pagination
  • Calendar should no longer announce entries on the calendar if we create them in the past
  • Added an events page, where historical trove world events are listed
  • The search feature will now additionally search the prefab name for items, deco and collections
  • Added a few missing textured blocks icons to the site thanks to evil, and now evil has a long list of other missing ones, thanks to mustache
  • Staff can now upload custom item icons easier
  • Videos are no longer suggested for pages which have a name of less than 3 characters
  • Added a new page with recipes index
  • Added a new page with vendors sold index
  • Recipes can now be added to lists, lists now display total material amounts for the included recipes
  • Fixed a specific case where an icon would be set correctly only to be overwritten later by an over eager icon setting tool, this should be noticeable with the LED icons, although it might potentially work for a few more
  • Combined the art and mods activity box on the front page into a single tabbed box, also added a space for recent comments
  • Added the site standard pagination to profile comments tab
  • Comments are now displayed in a new box, and when viewing from outside a comment thread they display appropriate icon and title information to tell you where they are from
  • The site search can now display results that match calendar entries
  • Fixed the styles importer to work with the current version of the client, and cleaned it up slightly
  • Image counts for each page now cached, this means i can restore functionality for the wanted images page (which was disabled due to poor performance), and can plan our next contest for submitting things
  • Removed comments now mention the original author
  • Added some limitations to banned users so they can't clear out their contributions to the site
  • Fixed an issue where themes could not output collections
  • Fixed an issue where mod comment notifications gave an incorrect url of the mod
  • Condensed recipe tables are now shown when there are > 10 results in "used as ingredient" and "used to craft" sections on item pages
  • Related items on item pages now display using newer internal links (icons and tooltips) and the section only displays when there are items there, they also display several items per line
  • Item pages can now more inteligently handle additions to the url (tabs) - the identifiers of items used /'s, and so that made it awkward adding things like /comments
  • Random items list on the item page now use the newer internal links and fetch items based on the new type field
  • In an attempt to bring down the size of some unwieldy pages we first attack the "item" pages, item and deco now are tabbed pages, including information on custom text fields, crafting, market values, comments and dev tracker, please continue to report pages that are sillylong
  • Item pages now also make use of the right hand side in a unique way, replacing the generic sidebar
  • Reward history is now visible on each users profile page, this lists the giveaways they have won, what they won from them, any reward tokens they have received, and what they spent them on, yay transparency (except for me, im hidden... because reasons)
  • Adjusted the format of the dev tracker posts on the site, and re-added the dev author filter on the dev tracker to view posts by that particular author
  • Re-added social media icons to the navigation bar to the right of the search box
  • Recipe and list tabs wont show on user profiles if the user dont have any created yet, yay cleaner
  • Trovesaurus mail has received a url and style upgrade
  • User profile pages now display additional information over what permissions the user has
  • If a collection can be crafted, added an option to directly add the recipe to a list on the collection page itself
  • Added new Discord, Facebook and Twitter icons to the nav bar thanks to Evilagician


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