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Dessert Frontier

Created by mau5head 5 hours ago

sorry for posting here but I have no idea how to create posts and search button seems to give no results. How do I set my profiile icon? I pasted this: mob_boss_cryingprophet but when I save it doesnt apply. Also set as icon button site suggests is nonexistent. 


Created by DavyTheDestroyer7th 3 days ago

sorry about his left hand couldnt find it in the files. enjoy! this is my second mod and my first uploading so if any things wrong tell me. please download. Thanks!

PTS NPCs - Geode

Created by Etaew 1 week ago

new class?


Fabulous Archer

Created by meekoz 4 days ago

Thanks for your reply, that's the name that came to my mind the first time, so I immediately put it on :D

As a modder hopefully my mods can satisfy mod users and inspire others (^ ^)

A Swift Joyride

Created by CDM135 4 days ago


Raptor Assassin

Created by SkyTheVirus 2 years ago

what the class shoul have been

Cash in on caches this week!

Created by Etaew 5 days ago

Why Trion Worlds did you add about another 50ish resources to the game? Why??

Morticus' Boot

Created by GiffyGames 5 days ago

Duuuude, great work on that animation! That's so smooth! :0c


Created by Ainogommon 6 days ago


Space Babes

Created by Royking 6 days ago

Lol, well she was moving a lot when I tried to take her picture. So I made her the shy one.

Really hyped for the new update, and the prospect of a huge war to fight in if it is anything like that. 

The mount looks very Candorian, however I think it should be a cake with the bright pink frosting that is found in Candoria


Fiery Feather mob tagger

Created by Ainogommon 1 week ago

thank you!

Cloud Strife- Boomeranger

Created by tastyspaghet 1 week ago

make it blondeeeee <3

now i can see if i have the buff or not during the 3 seconds pretty useful.

Luxion the Flux Dragon

Created by BlindGhost 1 week ago

yup, i do it to ppl that don't know how to extraxt the file but still wan't to fly on this dragon :)

Lunar Gimper

Created by Deepinsideofme 2 weeks ago

Deepinsideofme,Im sad for your art.

But i really liked this one XD

PTS Strings - Geode

Created by Etaew 1 week ago

I really do like the bomb mode for this update but the other part has really disappointed me. I was hoping that it would be a more tec theme style update because of the different planets and gear but we got a really magical style hub that just does not seem to fit on the planet it is on. It is ok a guess but I was really hoping for something a bit different. (way too many sun goddess idols)

I never would have expected to see the Avali popping up here on Trove of all places. With that aside, this looks awesome going from the screenshots at least. I'd download it to try it out, but sadly I don't have Hoshizora (the dragon this replaces) yet, so... I'll have to come back later!

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