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Luxion of the Golden Hoard

Created by Etaew (PC) 6 hours ago

I like the idea of Lexion... Unfortunately the items offered fell short of expectations. Still a great add to the game and prices were very affordable. There was a lot of build up before he arrived and many were excited to get something rare, for his debut could of thru in Fun Police Mag even if it was 5k Dragon Coins.. Something to get people fired up about. This was like opening presents and finding a broken toy.. :(

Tiny Tanuki

Created by ClaryKitty (PC) 22 hours ago

It's adorable!

oh the minic is come back ?

Flux Guide

Created by MtkEndamine 2 years ago

Bad guide


Pixel Sageosaurus

Created by SkyTheVirus (PC) 11 months ago

Awsome !


Created by Neon_Shark (PC) 2 days ago


Qubesly Talita

Created by matrix3000x (PC) 2 months ago

Uncanny valley...

Some details you used in this picture are taken from the internet. This means you broke: "Must be your own work rule". Proof:The background does not seem like it's drawn, The confetti is totally not drawn , i'm pretty sure that thingy where it says : Happy 3rd Anniverssary is not made by you. I don't kinda like this rule either, i don't think it's that horrible to use some effects from the internet,as long as the art is at least 80% by you. Just saying because i got disqualified too because i used some stuff from the internet like backgrounds and instead of colouring i tried to be original and fill it with some nature jungle stuff. I didn't read the rules very well. Note that i'm not trying to point my finger at anyone, it was my fault not reading very well. Don't do the same mistake as me.


Created by boss789 (PC) 2 weeks ago

Freeze! >A<

happy day

Created by boss789 (PC) 2 weeks ago

The banana is talking to the wall xD

3rd Anniversary

Created by boss789 (PC) 1 week ago

Cheers x)

Ha ha  Surprise xD


Created by mau5head (PC) 2 weeks ago

So cute! >~<

Rabbity Raiser

Created by mau5head (PC) 4 days ago

Thx!! :333

! aynaT yadhtriB yppaH !

Created by mau5head (PC) 4 days ago

Wow! Cute!  >ω<

Can i play those missions in the PS3 version?

Thanks! The first one I did was for a contest, but I'm definitely going to be doing more of these later for fun!

Happy Birthday !!!

Created by Tr0vi4n (PC) 3 days ago

Can we hit one like ?

Free mount codes and other promotions


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