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Time Machine

Created by GadgetCAT 23 hours ago

Thank you!

CM Diniry

Created by Etaew 3 days ago

Please make this game better than it is, like fixing the forging system


Created by MrWhoever 2 days ago

Thats Awesome Dude


Created by SweetSpecter 23 hours ago

i'mn crygin i forgot the parrot but here we accept our mistakes like MEN

Hotfix - November 13, 2018

Created by Etaew 7 days ago

We kept the +2 jump, since Heroes, if entering challenge as VG, a class switch inside challenge doesn't enable it.

Soul GunSlinger

Created by PROfessOriginal 2 days ago

Looks AWESOME but why is it in a zip. file?

Panzer Pirate

Created by Williambash 6 days ago


Warrioress SkyRider

Created by Quinnce 1 year ago

Looks so good! I like it!

The hair though I can't help but think that if some of it is accidentally cut in battle, her eyes will turn red and things will get real...

Just wanna say though, I really love your artwork :D

Nice job on the pirate asthetic and all around good colors and detailing

Knight in real life

Created by LAMMAZ 6 days ago

This is a screenshot

Neon Surfer

Created by 4 years ago

what does it replace?


Rainbow Rider

Created by LAMMAZ 1 week ago

This comment by LAMMAZ has been removed by LAMMAZ

Man if only i had the dragon...

But this looks really nice with the colors, the model, the shading, and the idea itself, great job!

Trove Team Letter

Created by Etaew 1 week ago

Happy that we are still going to get everything and more to come. Just a bit upset that I have to wait a little longer on Xbox to get it...

Wasn't able to match the NN-HHH. sheet after combining damage sources* also, by quite an amount still. *(3) Basic attacks & Shuriken.

Ol Bootgon

Created by SkyRider3217 9 months ago

dang it. i had this idea when i saw skythevirus's comic but you got there first

Kiro in braids!

Created by Roukirou 1 week ago

D'aww, he looks adorable! ♥


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