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Geode Companions

Created by Etaew 1 month ago

 Impish Gleemur

+300 Max G.A.S.

-5 Barrier N-Charge Cost

+3% Max N-Charge ---> +3 Max N-Charge

+5 Barrier N-Charge Gain

+300 Max G.A.S.

Derrek Dustrider

Created by IIDipperII 1 week ago

I have an awkward feeling to the background, but eh, keep up the good work! :-)

Dracos <3

Created by maleeBEAUTIFUL 6 days ago

hehe thank you ;3

Hungary Critter

Created by DAWZI 4 days ago


Daughter of the Moon

Created by Keithodon 5 days ago

thank you!! (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

Yikes, that quality. Something went wrong. Dunno what it could be though. I'll figure it out later.

Dark UI Part 2

Created by Kentuky 2 weeks ago

hello I'm using this mod and I noticed a bug at the loot collector. in the loot colloector at the item list there is no modells of the items just the colors of the ranks(radiant stellar ect.). I could be very appriciated if you fix this bug.

Yeah... true. I aknowlege the fact that it ruins the "sneaky" side of BR, and it makes the spike bombs (too) visible. But as i said, it's an idea that's in proud of and just shared it! it'll be out there for thoses who wants. Thanks for understanding my point of view.


Created by xXDonDonXx 1 week ago

Thanks! :)

Upcycle Gems for Dust

Created by LunarTrove 2 months ago

On Live, made an avg profit of 6K dust.

Paid 122.43K Flux for the equivalent of 3298.6 shadow gem boxes, used a 1 day pass too.

Geode Art Contest

Created by Etaew 3 weeks ago

oh ye

10/10 ign, would get spoon'ed again

Forcing pvp is the worst idea. I think you're pretty desperate to try and save pvp. If I was going to play pvp I'd play a real pvp game. Pretty pathetic. 


Created by B_Y3LL0W 2 weeks ago

its perfection T^T



Created by IIDipperII 1 week ago


which one...

Created by boss789 1 week ago

i am not the only one.

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Masked Mercenary
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Antisocial Hermit Crab
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