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November 14, 2017 | Evilagician | 6,335

To celebrate the release of Trove Adventures, Evilagician's upcoming birthday (24th), and the release of the collaborative and awesome pandas, we're hosting daily giveaways, one big mega panda power pack giveaway, and a panda art contest.

Daily Giveaways

From Trove - Adventures release, each day will feature a giveaway for a new panda:

Two-week long Giveaway

At the end of the two weeks, 14 people will receive a Power Panda Pack, containing all 11 pandas.

That's right, one of each:
Pudgy Panda, Protagonist Panda, Cyborg Panda, Radiant Panda, Piping Hot Panda, Paleolithic Panda, Permafrost Panda, Topiary Panda, Candy Pandie, Pandabot Prototype, Pandemic Panda

* Small note, if you've won one of the previous giveaways, those pandas will not be awarded again, but they will instead be raffled in Discord.


Tuesday, November 14th to Monday, November 27th

Two-week Panda Art Contest


  • Create some fan art that is related to the 10 themed pandas (default panda don't count).
  • Submit to the Trovesaurus Gallery with the tag #Pandafest

To set a tag for the contest, select the appropriate option when uploading the art. You can also edit art once it is uploaded to add the tag.


  1. Must be your own work, images from the internet are not permitted.
  2. Must have made appropriate effort.
  3. Must have an obvious link to the topic.
  4. Cannot have been entered into a previous Trovesaurus contest.
  5. This is an art contest, builds are not permitted.


  • Tuesday, November 14th to Monday, November 27th


  • 3 Major Winners picked by Ylva and Evilagician will get a Power Panda Pack, containing all 11 pandas.
  • 6 Runnerups picked by Ylva and Evilagician will receive two pandas of their own choosing.


Inspirations for the art can be found in the Panda Power Mod Pack



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