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Dino Attack News

Posted June 27, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 8,631 times.

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Lay a cretaceous beatdown upon their tails! Runs from Tuesday, June 27, 2017 to Tuesday, July 11, 2017 on PC's and Consoles.

Login Rewards

Week 1

Week 2

Quest Objectives

#1/9: Defeat Archaeoceratops in the Desert Frontier (50)

Great stampin' horneytoads! I was minding my own beeswax, prospectin' a claim in the Desert Frontier, when a rootin' tootin' herd o' Archaeoceratops done stampeded my camp! You look mighty capable. How about lending a weathered old cube like me a hand?

The grizzled old prospector offers you some unearthed ancient coins.

Reward:  Dragon Coin x10

#2/9:  Defeat Dinos in Caves in the Desert Frontier (50)

Archaeoceratops used ta' stay home on their own range in the Saurian Swamp. If they were stuck in the desert, they'd like a cool shady place, like down in caves. Maybe if you clear some caves out o' critters, them dinos will leave us alone.

She hands you 2 horses worth of horseshoes. These may come in handy.

Reward:  Glittering Horseshoe x8

#3/9: Acquire 100 Bleached Bones

Well ain't that just the dangest. Scissorhands you say? And cupcakes? This is stranger than a Pemblock in a sphere. We need to conduct us a ritual to find out what's going on. Start with bones. Lots of bones.

These look like they came fresh from some dig site.

Reward:  Chaos Chest x5

#4/9: Juice Some Cacti (50)

Good work. Now get cactus juice. Those ornery walking Cacti should spare some if you ask nicely. Or if you knock their prickly blocks off.

Now this shiny coin looks valuable.

Reward:  1 Day Patron Pass

#5/9: Consume a 1 Day Patron Pass

Now to start ye olde ritual, we need us a clear head. The kind that only comes from a newly minted Patron. That shiny 1 Day Patron Coin I jist gave ya? Just pop it and you'll have a vision of what's causin' this dino ruckus. Besides, it's good for what ails ya.

These antique gemboxes have seen better days.

Reward:  Empowered Gem Box x3

#6/9: Defeat Dinosaurs in Candoria (100)

Suddenly aware of so many new things, a ghostly vision appears. You see triceratops stomping on lollipops, and a huge toothy maw munching on gingerbread. This can only mean one thing: the dinosaurs have come for our baked confections! Candoria is under assault!

She throws you 3 ancient scarabs as you boogy off to Candoria.

Reward:  Lapis Luckbug x3

#7/9: Complete 3-Star Dungeons (25)

Tarnation, you showed them a thing or two. Now, I saw just as well as you did who is behind this whole mess. A great big T-rex. Or two. Or three. But you're gonna need to train off some of yer flab before yer gonna be ready fer that fight. Do some o those dungeons. The big ones.

This beautiful philter will certainly get used. 

Reward:  Double Experience Potion

#8/9: Defeat 3 T-Rex in the Leafy Archipelago

ow there's a fine-looking chiseled block of a hero! Y'er ready for the fight o' yer life! They're in the Leafy Archipelago of the Drowned Worlds, or I don't know my biomes. Take the fight to him! Knock some sense into the big brutes an' put them dinos back in their place!

Those dinosaurs had quite a horde of sugary baked goods

Reward:  Wild Cupcake x237

#9/9: Place 1 Block

You did it! I'm rootin tootin happy about you saving my mining operation! Say, I'll share a bit of my stake if'n you'll just place a single commemorative block down right here for me to remember you by.

You are amply rewarded for saving her from the sugar-crazed dinosaurs.

Reward:  Dragon Coin x50

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