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Positivity Fortnight News

Posted June 16, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 2,726 times.

Tags: Giveaway

For the next 2 weeks we celebrate the things that we like about Trove. Let us know in the comments things that you enjoy doing, or features that you like about the game.

Please note that this isn't the place for things that you don't like, nor is it a place for constructive critism (that will come later).


  • Leave a comment on this page with one of the following:
    • Activities you enjoy doing in Trove and why
    • or Features you enjoy in Trove and why


  • Friday, June 16, 2017 to Friday, June 30, 2017


Since this event runs for 2 weeks, the reward base is 2. As it is a random draw there are no tiers, and the top tier rewards are turned into multiples.

  • 2 top tier rewards (converted into 6 standard rewards)
  • 4 mid tier rewards (converted into 8 standard rewards)
  • 8 standard rewards

For a total of 22, random commenters will receive 1 Reward Token.


  1. Se_Ps (PC)
  2. Theuglyone (PS4/NA)
  3. Coldi (PC)
  4. snakofb829 (PS4/EU)
  5. thebrandon1995 (PC)
  6. MimosaMan (PC)
  7. whiteBLACKnight (PC)
  8. Shreddah (PC)
  9. NewQuentin (PC)
  10. Deathsimon123 (PC)
  11. Sir420Yoshii (XBOX)
  12. Collin_falkowski (PC)
  13. wolfonix (PC)
  14. Ntor1n (PC)
  15. JoseAcido (PC)
  16. crazydvarf (PC)
  17. Dizzy (PC)
  18. NamePaladin5197 (XBOX)
  19. ImTinFoil (PS4/NA)
  20. FitzChevalerie (PC)
  21. volatile0701 (XBOX)
  22. Gundisalvus

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