What are the specifics for step 7? Is it 20 matches? I threw at least 7 sticky bombs and 50-100 regular/ lava bombs got 1/20 for troves quaint little description completed.

I want the balefire wings finally. Good luck to all entrants

This is what all of troves little quest lines should be none of the infuriating kill 200 enemies 4 times just a nice simple set of tasks anyone can do lacksadasically in an hour or less

I need balefire's wings in my life

Way too many specific enemies roughly 1500 total and way too many perameters for counted kills


I truly enjoy the old school MMO aspect that trove has finally brought to xbox. Spending time grinding to get the perfect rolls on gear and making new friends while trying to better kill times and improve your character. Trove is a blast even when it's being a never ending grind. Thank you to the trion world's trove team for creating a very entertaining game.


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