"Win" é um verbo irregular no inglês, o passado de "win" não é "winned", mas sim "won" :3

Awsome mod, but any chance od it getting on steam?

why do you need to be so rude?

I, personally say it Êtáew, with the a being the tonic syllable.

There is another typo, btw, in the hydrakken/hydrakkan part

that looks amazing!

will you put it on steam. by any chance?

it's complicated, it is and at the same time it isn't part of china, for more details, ask uncle google

for now it's not really that good, as there aren't manny menbers in each comunity, mainly, but once the "menberbase" grows, the potential is huge, with the adition of subforums or something of sorts for each community, then...

i already saw that the communities have managers (the bigger ones, at least), but as they grow they are likely to need moderators and such, if that's not a feature yet, i would highly recommend adding it soon.


as a side note, it makes me really happy that the brzilian community is the 2nd biggest as of now :3

Tbh, i'm not really a big fan of farming/grinding, it really bores me, but trove's goals, or at least the ones i set for myself in trove where appealing and achievable enough to motivate me and make grinding interesting.

edit: the modding and building communities are also amazing.

This site is already amazing, but the things that i think should be improved are item pages.

All items should have a description of what they are/do and how to get them, as quite a lot of them are virtually blank.

the second thing is that there should be a better item viewer for those who can't open the current one, sketchfab, for example.

Realy well made and cool looking, but why the "brazilian mod" hilight?

muito bem feito e bonito, mas porque o destaque em "mod br"?

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