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Techno Tortoise mount

Ride in style to the wub-wub of your favourite soundtracks


Imported in Patch: Megalithic

Designed by: Trove Team

Blueprint: c_mt_tortoise_techno_ui.blueprint


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XBOX Min: 100 Max: 100 Avg: 100
PS4/EU Min: 0 Max: 0 Avg: 0
PS4/NA Min: 0 Max: 0 Avg: 0

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Crafted By

Techno Tortoise

Crafted using: Radiant Dayspring (Blessings of Pirifario)


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Dev Tracker

5 most recent dev posts that mention "Techno Tortoise"

This Week in Trove - Double Fishing Speed, Gem Forging Preview, & more!

Posted 2 months ago (August 2, 2017, 12:55 pm) on Trove Forums

This week in Trove we continue down the yellow block road toward the impending Eclipse! Grab your rubiest slippers and watch out for falling houses because you're not in Kansas anymore (unless you live in Kansas, in which case nothing has changed and you are still indeed in Kansas).

The August Daily Login Token is Pirifario. Collect 18 Pirifario Tokens and you can craft the Hungry Hydrakken Hatchling ally at the Radiant Dayspring crafting bench.

Save up 9 Pirifario Tokens and you'll be able to trade them for the Techno Tortoise.

Catch fish twice as fast until August 8! Reel them in with a quickness - there's no trout about it!

Our livestream this week will show off the Gem Forging system coming to Trove with Eclipse. If you can't make the show live the replay will be available later so you can still learn all about it.

The top Chaos Chest loot this week is a magical set of wings, the Wings of Wizardry.

It's a big week and the Eclipse is fast approaching! Are you prepared for the rising darkness?

Read Thread

Portal to Darkness – Daily Login Rewards

Posted 2 months ago (August 8, 2017, 12:25 pm) on Trove Forums

As the Eclipse approaches, the forces of shadow are emboldened by the impending darkness and seek to snuff out the light with a massive invasion. Trovians around the world must gather their strength and take the fight to them!

Daily Login Rewards
Login to Trove every day during the Portal to Darkness event to pick up loot like Patron Passes, Dragon Coins, Chaos Chests, and much more!

Plus, each day in August that you login you’ll pick up a Pirifario’s Token. Save up enough and they can be used in the Radiant Dayspring bench to craft awesome items like the Techno Tortoise mount and the Hungry Hydrakken Hatchling ally!

Portal to Darkness
Tackle 8 new missions as the forces of light and darkness face off in the ultimate battle for dominance over all the worlds. Defeat enemies of the light and use their tools of destruction to discover their insidious plans and turn the tide of battle!

Atoll of Madness
Follow the new missions and you’ll soon be tasked with building a portal to darkness. Enter the Atoll of Madness - here you’ll discover that which wishes to block out the sun and fight to stop this dire invasion.

These custom portals to a brand new pocket dimension can be traded so feel free to share them with friends or put them on the Marketplace. The Portal to Darkness event only lasts through August 21st but the portals can be used indefinitely.

The Portal to Darkness will usher in the rising Eclipse. Are you ready?

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