Hyper Pinata EX

It flies, it shoots, it parties. Truly the pinnacle of Pinata evolution.

Designed by: Trove Team

Items which unlock this collection:


Hyper Pinata EX has the following effects:


  • 90 Movement Speed


  • 90 Movement Speed
  • 100 Glide

Last updated 2 years ago

? Mount allows the player to move quickly on land.

? Wings allow the player to glide through the air.

How to Obtain

You can unlock the Hyper Pinata EX in the following methods:

Found in the following Lootboxes:

The following lootboxes are currently obtainable.

Other methods to obtain:

Can be obtained as a Very Rare drop from a Golden Ticket Chest during Sunfest event.

Some mounts were given away during Trove Dev streams. It was also included in donation goal milestone rewards during Extra Life 2017 promotion.

Last updated 2 years ago +/-


Very Rare drop from [item=Golden Ticket Chest] during Sunfest event.


Can be obtained as a Very Rare drop from a [item=Golden Ticket Chest] during Sunfest event.

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liked this!


liked this!


how to have it ?

Haven't got anything, but crap of my 12 golden loot boxes

Has anyone got it


Yes, i have the awesome mount. :)

[Deleted User]

This comment has been removed

How do you actually get it? 


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