Foxtrot Force Captain

Takes orders from the prime.

Designed by: MisterY


Themes: Lunar


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Thanks for taking part in our challenge from [MisterY] to draw the [Foxtrot Force Captain]. We have the results ready for you.

Receive [Foxtrot Force Captain], and 1x Reward Token.

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[MisterY] has challenged the artist community to create fan art for the [Foxtrot Force Captain].

[arttag=Foxtrot Force Captain]

  • Create some Trove related fan art showing the Foxtrot Force Captain mount

  • Enter into the Foxtrot Force Captain challenge

  • At least 5 entries will be rewarded with the Foxtrot Force Captain mount and receive 2x Reward Tokens

  • Lanterel, the Lasting Light, Foxtrot Force Captain, and Spectral Starlotyl mounts

  • [Foxtrot Force Captain]