Magic Trove Carpet

Made from real Troves.

Themes: Trovian

Designed by: Trove Team 50 Trove Mastery

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CM Mobi wrote:

This is some great feedback and options to help with this issue. I'll see with the team to figure out what we can do, and also hope we have some future streams down the line. Thanks everyone for you...

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gedc wrote:

Hello there,

We're currently bringing more ressources to the Community department, as such, be assured that we will start doing live streaming soon (you might even see me doing some of those streams!). Since livestream used to mean giveaway, stay tuned as you might get what you're expecting sooner than expected!

Meanwhile, be also assured that no one from the Trion/gamigo team is selling anything, we will never try to sell you some stuff for PayPal wires, Allopass or such. It's like cases when fake CMs ask you for your password, it's a scam as we would never do that. Please report any user which is trying to impersonate our Team with evidence, we will take care of them accordingly.

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Fasti wrote:

Quote Originally Posted by kaizer killer View Post
i went to look in support but trove isn't a game listed so ill come to here to figure out something. won on 10/12 but last message from Trionworlds was on 7/28. the other stream won from trove game i did receive and asked about it but nothing has happened. the missing item was for:

thanks for any info or assistance, have a good holiday.
You should receive it any second now. Please check again, when time allows. Sorry for the delay!

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Fasti wrote:

Hey there! Sorry about that, the office move in RWC has slowed things way down. I'll follow up with Morgana and check on the status of everything.

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Created: 5 years ago

Imported in Patch: Dance Off Edition

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