Bouncy Ladybug

Born after the Great Dhev War, it has a more cosmopolitan outlook on life.

Designed by: Trove Team


Themes: Highlands


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Luxion brings plenty of mounts – Until March 21, 2022!

Our great and majestic Luxion is back in the Hub and he brings us tons of wonderful items!Luxion will be waiting for you in the Light’s Den from March 18, and he will magically disappear on March 21 at 11:00 am UTC. Here are some pictures of...

March 18, 2022 Blog Luxion

Luxion Returns on Friday, June 28

Luxion of the Golden Hoard returns to the Hub to offer you good deals for your precious Dragon Coins! As usual, he will be waiting for you near the Dragon Crucible from June 28 and will magically disappear on July 1 at 4 AM PDT (11 AM UTC). So, grab ...

June 28, 2019 Blog

Database Update - Adventures (Collections)

These are the collections from the database update of Trove - Adventures. This is in a seperate document due to the length....

November 14, 2017 Database Update

Database Update - October Edition

We've run a database update and these are the results....

October 4, 2016 Database Update

Pick A Pack To Suit Your Style!

Autumn has fallen upon the Trovian landscape. With the turning of the season we uncover three new costume packs to take your style to another level! The Garden Variety Look is perfect for showing off your keen fashion sense and love of the natural world....

September 27, 2016 Blog

Blitz and Glitz Edition Patch Notes

The Blitz and Glitz edition brings the new UI style to several more elements in addition to several new costumes on the store and various fixes and enhancements....

April 21, 2015 Patch

Chaos Factor Edition Database Update

The Trovesaurus database has been updated with the Chaos Factor Edition client files and the following changes have been made....

March 24, 2015 Database Update