Bone Dragon

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Bone Dragon Ascension

Helm: Bone Dragoncrown Ally: Bone Dragonling

Mount: Bone Dragon

E. Bone Dragon

The Bone Dragon can be crafted using this materials,

  • Added Bone Dragon
  • 1: 10 Mastery Bone Dragoncrown (Hat)
  • 5: 50 Mastery Bone Dragonling (Ally)
  • 25: 5 Mastery Bone Dragonlord Arsenal
  • 50: 100 Mastery Bone Dragon (Mount)
  • D). Bone Dragonling

    The latest dragonling is this undead fella right here, he is currently obtainable until next week or so before getting switched out with the new dragon. You only need to consume 5 Bone Dragon Souls to unlock this ally. It offers a bonus +10 Critical Damage, and a 10% cooldown speed bonus aswell as chance of igniting enemies on fire when attacking.

    And that marks the end of the Dragonling Allies, these allies are useful in combat with they're own buffs. I rarely use these allies besides the Elder Dragonling and Bone Dragonling as they're one of my personal favourites due to the buffs they offer..remember this is my personal opinion.

    Planning to pick up a $100 Credit Pack? Have we got good news for you! For a limited time that big ol’ stack of Credits also gives a tradable Bone Dragon!

    Tame this magical, majestic mount and glide through the air like a calcium infused boss.

    Since the dragon is tradable you can also opt to sell this bad mama jama on the Marketplace and make the day of some lucky Trovian. Be sure to look for the pack with a picture of the Bone Dragon on it! Remember, this is only available for the Credit pack with the image of the Bone Dragon on the in-game store!

    This incredible deal won’t be around forever so don’t delay. After all, the early bird gets the wyrm!

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    We missed this patch note! Sorry!
    • Roughly halved the mid-tier dust required to upgrade a gem. Top and bottom levels are only mildly affected, but cumulative costs are significantly reduced for a mid-tier (level 10=20) gem.
    Weekly Updates
    • The chaos chest has been shuffled! Keep an eye out for the Chromatic Cumulus mount!
    • Bonus loot! For a limited time Jade Covers can uncommonly be found in Chaos Chests!
    • Sale! For this week only, all classes are 50% off!
    • Limited Time Credit Pack Bonus! The 18500 credit pack also includes 100 tradable Bone Dragon souls! Enough to unlock the whole dragon!

    The new Claims System is in place.
    • This new feature is meant to help keep track of "passive" awards granted while playing Trove, and to help introduce players to the systems that grant them.
    • When you earn rewards/items from a variety of gameplay systems they now go into your Claims window (In the Navigation Menu, but also reachable via hotkey, which is L by default).
    • Some items may still go into your inventory or collections directly, while still leaving a breadcrumb in the Claims window.
    • Once claimed, you can click the magnifying glass to "find" where your item went (Note: for some collection items, you may have to click twice to correctly scroll the window, this is a bug that will be fixed soon!)
    • Some items have a time limit associated with them. For instance, items granted from Tomes will last 3 days (7 days for Legendary Tomes). One time rewards have no time limit.
    • Once an item is claimed, it remains in the Claims window until you close and re-open Trove, so you can revisit the Claims list and use it to find a style you've unlocked.

    Misc Changes/Fixes
    • Upgrading Gems now has a Karma system in place, so every upgrade attempt counts towards a guaranteed upgrade. Karma progress is stored on gems individually. Any level up will reset the counter, and progress is based on success chance (so boosters will increase the amount faster). This is designed to prevent streaks of bad luck when leveling gems and to ensure that all resources spent towards leveling up gems has some element of progress.
    • Just in time for election season, added the ability to opt-out of chat for clubs you're a member of on the Clubs UI.
    • Added some additional stats to /metrics.
    • Updated Aquilia the Furred to correctly credit Qoaleth!
    • Fixed some incorrect text on some Dragon allies.
    • More improved latency logging to help track down lag fixes.
    • Palashien can no longer destroy blocks at the Outpost of Light.
    • Fixed a bug where some sounds stuck around longer than they should.
    • Fixed a bug where you'd erroneously receive "you are now online" messages when toggling some settings.
    • Added text to Empowered Gems to point out that you can only equip a single Empowered Gem of a given power at one time.

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