The Revenant is an oathbound spirit that protects the Sun Goddess's domain. A Spirit Wraith watches over you, saving you from death and joining the fight if it is able, so lure foes to you with a Bulwark Bash and destroy them with Spirit Spears and Spirit Storm.

Revenant Builds

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full tank January 2, 2017
Shadow TowersTank

This Revenant is made especially for the tower of the shadows

Kukui's Revanent Guide January 9, 2017
Shadow TowersDamageTank

Revenant's stats build from Kukui's Class Guide with Empowered Gems from Underrated54's guide.

PD Rev January 2, 2017

Many people build tank rev, and while it does work in groups or shadow towers, real trovians build PD on rev to show dominance over others.

Immortal full DPS revenant Going Green
Shadow TowersFarmingDamageTank

with this build you can reach easy 300k+ PD / 2B HP / 100% CH / 1700% + CD

Standard Rev January 2, 2017
TankDamageShadow TowersLeveling

Pretty standard rev build, combination of damage and health, but you need to spec your gems for that.

Full Tank Revenant Geode 3
TankShadow TowersLevelingFarming

Tanky DPS Revenant Adventures
Shadow TowersTankDamageLeveling

I have no clue what's best for the subclass but I just picked Ice Sage when I started playing and haven't swapped out except for situational jumps/speeds

Speed Farming January 9, 2017

A way to build Revenant to speed run 1 and 3 star dungeons. It can pull decent dps in shadow tower, but tanking for substantial lengths of time is unwise.

Strong , Huge Body but no Head :| (Semi tank) January 9, 2017
Shadow TowersDamageTankSupport

- Can be call Rev.

Revenant TONK December 19. 2017
TankShadow Towers

Alederiate sama taught me how to play TONK, you can trust me about this build.

You can't stop the rock Heroes
TankShadow Towers

Tank Damage March 31 Hotfix
FarmingShadow TowersDamageTank


Somewhat Balanced Chunky Revenant Delves
TankShadow TowersSupport

A diving head first kinda build. No youtube tutorials or other guides, just doing it how I thought worked on the fly.

I'm not going anywhere March 7, 2017
Shadow TowersTank

Full tank Shadow Tower build, don't waste your time trying to farm uber worlds with this build

top revenant St/Farm 250-300k damage Going Green Hotfix
Shadow TowersTank


Tank ST run Heroes Hotfix 1
TankShadow Towers

Tank GoD May Update
Shadow TowersTankDamage

With this build you can easy hit 6m health (pr20 000) and protect you life points easy. you also do hige dmg solo with spirit spears since it’s health based, and draw the enemy to you as big group tank

DPS RT Into the Deep Hotfix
Shadow TowersFarmingTank

tank January 9, 2017
TankShadow Towers

Indestructible Rock Delves
TankShadow TowersDamage

Actually Good Rev tank build Delves
TankSupportShadow Towers

Best rev tank build out there lol.

Revenant. Crystal Combat
DamageShadow TowersTank

This class build is pretty good for DPS & has good survivability.

Super tank October 10, 2017
TankLevelingShadow Towers

Deathless Tank November 21, 2017
Shadow TowersTankPvP

It's a tanky build but with some damage so it can still solo U9 at ~13k PR.