Except for everything, Only damage. (100% CH)

Revenant build by These added 2 years ago.

This build was updated for
Reeling in the Stars - Hotfix 4



Notes: Subclass
1. LL - +10% PD / +100% AS and more..

Lunar Lancer Subclass

Sorta Crazy - Chance during combat to transform and receive some power of the Lunar Lancer.

Stat Priority

Physical Damage
Critical Damage
Attack Speed
Critical Hit
Notes: NA = normal attack
M2 = bulwark bash
PD = physical damage
CD = critical damage
AS = attack speed
CH = critical hit


The importance of stats = PD / CD ≥ AS > CH

Revenant's max AS is 300%
NA(normal attack) is 390% PD (Rate = 1.25 x AS/per sec)
M2 (Bulwark Bash) is 950% PD (5 sec)

If AS is
(100%) 390% PD for 1.25 attack in 1 sec
(200%) 390% PD for 2.5 attack in 1 sec
(300%) 390% PD for 3.75 attack in 1 sec

So No matter what, NA>M2

But if you equip Class gem, M2 is 950% pd and 1 sec Cd skill.

then DPS is (no crit)

(300% AS) - 1,462.5 per sec
(200% AS) - 975 per second
M2 (Class gem) - 950 per sec
(100% AS) - 487.5 per sec
M2 (normal) - 190 per sec

if your As is under then 195%, M2 (Class gem) is 4.25 more DPS
NA 390% → 420%
So, if your AS > 182%
DPS = NA > M2 (class gem)
Max Health
Critical Damage
% Max Health
Attack Speed
Physical Damage
Critical Damage
Critical Chance
Attack Speed
Max Health
Critical Damage
Physical Damage
Attack Speed
Physical Damage
Notes: If your HP is low, Face (PD) -> Face (MH%)

Personally, Crystal ring → Speed spears (very useful for farming)

Ally and Flasks

400 Light, 25% Bouns PD. This Ally will never let you down


Levi = Insta kill → need invulnerability

martial = more DMG

DDV = Very useful

Empowered Gems

Air/Water/Fire - PD/CD/CH
Cosmic - PD/Light/CD
bouns gem stat is must be PD or CD

Cosmic gem's 3 bouns gem stat is must be Light

+ After Crystal gem updata
Since Gem can be promoted to Crystal, the overall ability of Gem has increased. This often leads to CH exceeding 100%. So it's better to change the existing CH to HP or %.


Killing an enemy has a chance to generate a flaming disc that damages nearby enemies.

This gem has a cooldown.

Explosive Epilogue

Killing enemies causes them to explode.

\n\nThis gem has a cooldown.

Aegis Assault Class Gem

Bulwark Bash loses its cooldown and applies a stacking damage-over-time effect to damaged enemies.

DoT effect does not leech health.

Berserk Battler Cosmic Gem

Damaging enemies causes a frenzied state, adding a small increase to attack speed and Light.

Continued damage to enemies extends the frenzied state until it causes a berserk state, greatly increasing attack speed and Light.


Well, SH>>>>Rev.
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liked this!


sorry, what is NA and what is M1?


Sorry for late ;(

NA is Normal attack 

and m1 is a typing error. it is m2

m2 = Bulwark Bash 

Hey ! Revenant noob here, I wanted to start playing this class and your guide helped me a lot. However, I did not understand which ally you recommend, I can't see it in the guide ( I can only see his statistics ), could you tell me which one it is ? And if Raptor Berserker is ok ?


EDIT : I found myself, the name of the ally is "Animated jug " which is crafted from Delve Workbench. You should definitely fix the guide and add the name of the ally.


Sorry for late ;(

Raptor berserker has the same ability as Animated jug, but it provides an additional 300 light, so Raptor is okay unless it's for Delv, Levi, and Cosmic Gem Farming.