Chaos Chests

Chaos Chests contain a random set of rare and common items, rare items change each patch.

You receive 1 Chaos Chest for each Chaos Factor you have. You can increase your Chaos Factor by raising your Mastery Rank or by winning a Chaos Coin from the Trove Livestream, or by purchasing a Patron Pass which grants +4 Chaos Factor.

Information has been added in part thanks to the great resource by SummerHaas at

Oldest Chaos Chest Contents

A list of the Chaos Chest rotation, sorted by the last time they were seen.

Not Seen Yet

Chaotic Cruiser

Sir Ocesomesaucealot

Kami of Forlorn Forests

Shadow Crawler

Elder Boot

Contorting Contemplator

Siramis, Spring's Renewal

Blue Racing Robostrider

Turbo Duck

Radiant PWN-E

Fleeting Heartcycle

Sweet Seat of Power

Big Blue Bronto

Chaotic Mimic

Winking Tentabox

Poppin' Pete

Windcatcher Webwings

SS Cube

Jurassic Junk

Siren Song

Cataphract Construct

Sergeant Steelgills

Agarita of the Gloaming Grove.

Antigrav Scooter

Flamagnis the Torcher

Charter Chopper

Trovian Triple Ace

Rodney the Rollerbot

Eye of the Overlords

Seen Before

Blacklight Neon Cycle 2 years ago

Cygnus-01 Speedcycle 2 years ago

Ol' Chomper 2 years ago

Saltwater Taffy Ray 2 years ago

Dragon Tiger 2 years ago

Koroki, the Sower of Chaos 2 years ago

Skeye Stalkers 2 years ago

Neon Swathcutter 2 years ago

Runemaster's Record 2 years ago

Chaotic Clipper 2 years ago

Chaos Hound 2 years ago

Chaos Butterfly 2 years ago

Slightly Singed Skitterer 2 years ago

Neverending Necrowmancer 2 years ago

Crazy Busy Caterpillar 2 years ago

Accursed Arachnid 2 years ago

Springy Dark Sporeling 1 year ago

Carom Cupcake 1 year ago

Squeakers 1 year ago

Bonecutter X-2 1 year ago

Bounding Golden Beetle 1 year ago

Polar Dragon Tiger 1 year ago

Leafy Levitators 1 year ago

Shadowy Sarcophagus 1 year ago

Shock 1 year ago

Cinnamel 1 year ago

Torched Taurus 1 year ago

Tundra Thunderer 1 year ago

Fae Boughskimmer 1 year ago

Breeze-Borne Blossom Wings 1 year ago

Trevor the Tiger 1 year ago

Benevolent Bovine 1 year ago

Echo Wave Cycle 1 year ago

Hexflame Harrier 1 year ago

Digital Dragonfly Wings 1 year ago

Silver Tabby Meownt 1 year ago

Hydrojet Streamers 1 year ago

BL-0550-M Off-Road Custom 1 year ago

Toasty Coaster 1 year ago

Cobalt Carp 1 year ago

Brownie Boosters 1 year ago

Cyclone Skimmer 1 year ago

Whacky Waffle 1 year ago

Proto Platypus 1 year ago

Batty Batoid 1 year ago

Infini Frigate 1 year ago

Magic Carpetapillar 1 year ago

Cinnabar Squad Quad 1 year ago

Rocket Ship 1 year ago

Rolling Salvo 1 year ago

Snowshore Seal Pup 12 months ago

Trance Sphere 12 months ago

Salt Sower 11 months ago

Rock Riot Dock 11 months ago

Trolling Trawler 11 months ago

Dumped Drum 10 months ago

Bitty Bayou Biter 10 months ago

Bon Bomba 10 months ago

Cerulean Squad Quad 9 months ago

Wings of Wizardry 9 months ago

Lounging Loafdog 9 months ago

Unveiled Chameleon 8 months ago

Huyldirjr, Singer for the Silent 7 months ago

Floating Tutti-Fruttsicle 6 months ago

Trotting Otter 6 months ago

Nukti, Daughter of Nanuknini 5 months ago

Trundling Boom Bundle 5 months ago

Hyperstar Hoverboard 4 months ago

Bedecked Iceboat 4 months ago

Ulysses the Unicycle 3 months ago

Purloined Powerseat 3 months ago

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