Found in Adventure Worlds starting at Uber-2 (Power Rank 400), the native homeland of the Candy Barbarian. This land is filled with sugary treats. Inhabitants of this land are walking Gingerbread Cookies, Cupcakes, Lollipops and other types of candy.

Defeat enemies and complete quests here to obtain Candy styles and Candoria deco recipes. The only place to obtain the Wild Cupcake crafting material, meet Dracocolatl, the Mellower worldboss and collect  Candorian Dragon Egg Fragment.

Resources and Items found in the biomeTop ^


Terrain and Sub-BiomesTop ^

Candoria doesnt have any distinct sub-biomes and it doesnt appear in Gem-specific adventure worlds.

Terrain of Candoria varies between plains, small hills with rare tall candy mountains and chocolate lakes. Beneath the surface you can find vast cave systems with abudant ore veins.

Candoria Terrain 1

Candoria Terrain 2

Candoria Terrain 3

Candoria Terrain 4

Candoria Terrain 5