Candy Barbarian

A mighty warrior with a lust for battle that is matched only by a hunger for sweet treats. Leap into the fight, then beseech your patron deity Eis-Crom to hurl one of his fabled thundercones down upon the heads of your enemies.


Sweet Candy

It's good for you!


Gum Drop

When attacked, the Candy Barbarian will sometimes drop rage-enducing Gum Drops, increasing attack speed and movement speed.


Sour Candy

Makes you run and attack more quickly.


Vanilla Swirlwind

The Candy Barbarian spins around, attacking all nearby foes and creating Healing Candy for himself.


Sugar Crash

The Candy Barbarian leaps at enemies, dealing damage over an area and creating Gum Drops.


Sugar Crash - Level 3

The Candy Barbarian leaps at enemies, dealing damage over an area and creating Gum Drops.


Eis-Crom Cone - Level 5

The Candy Barbarian drops a large ice cream cone, dealing damage over an area, creating Gum Drops, and dropping Healing Candy for allies.


Trion Video



  • As the Candy Barbarian, you are the meat of the group, It is your job to keep all the enemies in one place, while buffing your team and healing yourself, Making use of your Swirlwind to deal damage and keeping yourself topped off on health is key to surviving and dealing with the onslaught of enemies that you will be handling.
  • Use your ultimate when needed the most, to heal you and your team, give them a big attack speed buff, and do massive damage!


[gear=Weapon]Physical Damage,Critical Damage,Critical Hit,Energy Regeneration[/gear]

[gear=Hat]Maximum Health,Critical Damage,% Maximum Health,Attack Speed[/gear]

[gear=Face]Maximum Health, Critical Damage,Physical Damage,Attack Speed[/gear]

[gear=Ring]Physical Damage,Energy Regeneration[/gear]



  • [ally=raptor_zerker]


  • [flask=vial_auto] (if tanking/using surestrike)
  • [flask=vial_multiminion] (if using beamer)

Emblem 1

  • [emblem=effect_physicaldamage]

Emblem 2

  • [emblem=effect_crit] (if crit hit is needed)
  • [emblem=effect_minionspawn_rangedphysical] (if crit hit is not needed)
  • [emblem=effect_onhitheal] (if more tanking is needed)


  • Physical Damage on Everything
  • Critical Damage where possible
  • Critical Hit on Enough Gems to Reach 100% (Swap Surestrike with Beamer)
  • Maximum Health on 4-5 Gems (Ideally ~1,100,000 Total Health)

Empowered Gems

Empowered Gems are available in any colour.

Item /

Item /

Item /

Scoop n' Gloop

Empowered Water Gem for the Candy Barbarian. Sugar Crash now leaps straight up and crashes down, vacuuming enemies toward you and applying a brief snare. Only one such Gem may be socketed at a time.