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Commented on: Yoked Yolk collection

@Cason its because its a very rare drop from a delve boss that's annoying to farm

Commented on: Two new Allies for Block Friday in Trove! page

Code to unlock this ally is TREDFOODLIAKH you must redeem before november 30th and ally gives 5 jump and increases cooldown recovery speed by 25% and gives no mastery found in the promo section.

Commented on: Aino's Epic Gibaway giveaway

Jeeez gluck everyone also happy bday ainogommon :)

Commented on: Dormant Infineon Dragon Egg item


Just a heads up the egg has always been tradeable but for some reason it just says it isnt the team is looking into it :)

Commented on: Lucky Leafwing collection

Commented on: Kami of Exceptional Boxes collection

Effects: 90 Movement Speed


Commented on: Grandmaster Gardener giveaway

\o/ Praise the sunflower \o/

Commented on: Trovesaurus @ Gamescom 2018 (Cologne, Germany) page

Will the choromancer ever get a rework, The DPS from the choromacer is lacking due to its damaging flowers not stacking DPS (5 flowers doing same DPS as 1 flower) it would be a great addition to the class if the damage would stack and if the class gem (cactus turret) drop rate would be increased so it can catch up on extra damage, it may then be a viable class for ultra shadow towers DPS builds. Thank you \o/ Praise the Sunflower \o/

Commented on: The Dev Dream giveaway

Best of luck all o-0

Commented on: Land Scaper 8000-T Giveaway giveaway

  1. Gl everyone

Commented on: Wildflower Warlock Giveaway giveaway

Good luck all

Commented on: Hiveoponic Horticulturist Giveaway giveaway

161% chance wow i better win then

Commented on: Ganda of POWER item

What even is this

Commented on: 3 Years of Trovesaurus page

liked this!

I first found out about trovesauras when i was on there twitter and discovered they were giving away the sageosaurs mount (thank you) and i made a few looks onto the pages of what events were on and i was shocked to see such amouns of details for everything really! To this day i check every 1-2 days to check any news that' happening for the optimim preparations for an event or something changing! Thanks for providing your services for what you do! Congrats on 3 years! And maymay RNG be with you!