Trove Modders

You can chat with the Trove Modders in the #modders channel of the Trovesaurus Discord.

You are automatically flagged as a Modder on the site and granted a green name if you have uploaded at least 5 mods, with 5 other modders liking them or you have had a collection item added to the game.

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List of Modders

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New Modders

Stormknight23 (PC) 1 week ago

Badmanone (PC) 2 weeks ago

Spirare (PC) 2 weeks ago

MisterY (PC) 2 weeks ago

Wyvern_Mihail (PC) 2 weeks ago

Modder Commissions

The following modders are accepting commissions, please see their page for further information.

SkyTheVirus (PC) Info

Delicious (PC) Info

About Trovesaurus

Trovesaurus aims to help provide a central hub of information, tools and community for Trove players, modders and artists. It is run by Etaew (PC) .


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