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SkyTheVirus's Rules

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My style is either semi-realistic cartoon or general cartoon, If you want art that replicates another artist's style or something not in my forte, (realism, anime, etc.) I might turn it down. I cannot make any promises cause I have my own unique style.


Money accepted only through PayPal and Venmo. Points from sites, in-game currency, or pre-paid store cash will not be accepted. Exposure is appreciate but not a replacement for payment.


1) Please be available when I submit information or ask questions regarding your commission. If you suddenly disappear for a long period of time, I will cancel your commission.
2) You can ask for updates on projects, just be too excessive about it.

3) For any commissions being used for Commercial/Social/Business use, please tell me in advance.


1) I will not do anything that's NSFW, this includes:

  • nudity/pornography
  • characters doing provocative poses
  • any depictions of racism/inappropriate slang
  • bloody violence

If anything I deem inappropriate for ages 18 and under will be turned down.

2) Anything overly detailed will have a higher price tag, since it takes longer to draw.
3) Don't claim completed commissions as your own. Please give credit where credit is due.

What I offer

A list of types of art I create, some examples and the pricing.

Message about Emotes

Emotes $8

Price is per individual Emote. Emote icons for your streaming/discord purposes. They are vectorized images, making it easier for scaling. Must specify what emotes are for to create proper scaled images. (ex. Twitch, (128x128, 56x56, 28x28) Discord (32x32), etc.)


Message about Sketch

Sketch $8

A scribbled sketch with a fine line work overlay. Great for concept drawing. This doesn't take long depending on line quality. +$4 for additional characters.


Message about Pixel Badges

Pixel Badges $8

Price is per individual Badge. Subscriber badges for all your users who support you.


Message about Flat Color Drawing

Flat Color Drawing $15

Line art with color and no shading... a simple fill after line art. +$10 for additional characters. +$10 for colored outlines.


Message about Profile Picture/Avatar

Profile Picture/Avatar $25

Your very own profile picture for any social media platform.


Message about Character Render (Illustration)

Character Render (Illustration) $35

Rendered art of a character with lighting, shading, and effects. (if effects are desired) Art can have either colored or black outline. +$20 for additional characters


Message about Rendered Scene (Illustration)

Rendered Scene (Illustration) $45

A character in a particular scene in a rendered environment using hard outlines and solid colors and shading. +$15 for additional characters


Message about Character Render (Painted)

Character Render (Painted) $50

Character rendered in a painterly style with viable brushstrokes. +$20 for additonal characters


Message about Rendered Scene (Painting)

Rendered Scene (Painting) $55

A character in a particular scene in a rendered environment using a painterly style. +$15 for additional characters