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Welcome all U.S. Trovians \o/

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Clubs that have the text United States in their title or description.

Cirrus (PC) Club: 1240 (#228)

The sky realm of Cirrus. 1.65 Mill+ Club PR (top 30) / Home to many players from Canada / United States / United Kingdom :)

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liked this!


Guys i am having a problem with trove, in steam and glyph, when i click on "Play" this error appears:

I cannot get into Trove on my PS4 since yesterday. I get the failed...server message. The strange thing is that if I go to a different PS4, I can log in successfully. I can get into the Trion support site but cannot submit a ticket. How can I get the attention of the support staff to help me? By the way, I deleted the game, reset my console, then added the game, but all with no luck. I really enjoy this game, and really need some help here.


guyss why i cant join the pts server it says is locked for testing and its up like the forums says

pls help

Cool place.

Agreed but that is only if people talk about it not just comment nonsense 

I scincerely belive that the fact you can join this group to make inquiries about the game known as trove and have them be answered, or to just talk about the game with others, is truly astounding.

nice feature to communicate player of own country


Cool feature that brings players from each country together.

Nice cool feature! I main Dracolyte btw



Washington State in the house! Nice new feature. Hope it becomes useful like many of the other things on your website.

Yeah the idea is great but the community is small at least to activate people nice to see more xbone sin here tho what's everyone's main? PR? Mastery? I'll start

main: pirate captain 


mastery: 300 

This idea is pretty cool, although there isn't very much to it.

The idea is interesting... i like it. i think there needs to be something more on the landing page (this page) like a community feature of art/builds/mods, news, something. this page feel really empty, and i was a bit mislead at first till i saw the tabs at the top.

Good day from Pennsylvania! :)

hello from Ohio! glad to apart of this community!


So everyone in the comments here should get a reward soon 

Hello all from NY anyone on xbone in this community 

Hello from Utah. I like that we can easily find  people around us. I have made a few friends from communits like this in the past.

I just want to give some feed back on country communities:

This rocks It is sooo cool

Hello all from Maryland! :v

I'm also from Maryland! :D

Hello from Texas. :)


Hey USA bubblelover06 in the house!!

Good day USA