Geode Surface

Fight the Shadows on the Surface of Geode with new Crystal Gear and Cosmic Gems up to U10.

Featuring Geode Topside Adventure Worlds, 5-Star Dungeons, Light and Dark, Gems, Cosmic Gems, Crystal Rarity, New Expertise Threads, Atlas, Store, Star Bar, Dragons, New Styles and Additional Updates.

Geode Topside Adventure WorldsTop ^

  • 3 new worlds can be found on the Atlas linked to the Geode Hub – a U8, U9 and U10 version of the Geode Topside Worlds.
  • The Geode Topside Worlds have 3 biomes – the Cerise Sandsea, Hollow Dunes, and Weathered Wasteland.
  • 1-star and 5-star dungeons can be found throughout these biomes.
  • Outposts can also be found throughout the biomes – these offer several Outpost Adventures along with a Loot Collector and Personal Chest.
  • Cornerstones cannot be summoned in the Geode Topside Adventure Worlds.
  • Veridium and Nitro-Glitterine ore can be found scattered throughout the Geode Topside. Nitro-Glitterine is rarer than Veridium.
  • The Geode Topside is affected by Daily Bonuses.
  • Recipes have been added to the Crystallogy workbench that require materials from the Geode Topside.

5-Star DungeonsTop ^

  • 5 Star Dungeons are a new type of dungeon found exclusively in Geode Topside Adventure Worlds.
  • Enter the dungeon and find the Dark Heart within – interact with it to spawn Cursed Skulls and bosses.
  • Depending on how fast all 5 bosses are defeated, the player can receive a gold, silver, or bronze reward.
    • Gold rewards are limited to 1 per day and consist of 8 Crystalline Cores.
    • Silver rewards are limited to 2 per day and consist of 3 Crystalline Cores.
    • Bronze rewards are unlimited and consist of a Lesser Geodian Topside Cache.
  • Lesser Geodian Topside Caches are primarily a source of Crystalline Cores, but can also contain Pearls of Wisdom, Forge Fragments, or (rarely) Bound Brilliance or a tradable Forge Fragment Formulae.

Light and DarkTop ^

  • 2 new stats have been introduced – Light and Darkness.
  • Light can be found on Crystal Equipment and Cosmic Gems. Light cannot be removed from these items.
  • Darkness is only found on monsters inhabiting the Geode Topside Adventure Worlds. Light is required to overcome their Darkness and damage them.
  • Light is required both to enter and be eligible for loot in U9 and U10 Geode Topside Adventure Worlds.

GemsTop ^

  • All new lesser gems of Shadow Rarity and above now have stats consistent with either Fierce or Arcane Gems. Fierce Gems always grant Physical Damage, while Arcane Gems always grant Magical Damage.
  • A Fierce Gem can never reroll in to the Magic Damage stat, and an Arcane Gem can never reroll in to the Physical Damage stat.
  • Gems can no longer crack while leveling. Because of this, Jade Clovers can no longer be used while leveling gems. Jade Clovers can still be converted in to Glistening Horseshoes on the Adventurer’s Crafting Bench.
  • Gems now have a higher chance to both naturally level up and double level up while leveling.
  • The contents of lesser Gem Boxes have changed, and they have been renamed to match their source world rather than their previous default rarity.
    • Beginner's Gem Boxes now drop from Uber-1 and Uber-2 worlds, and commonly contain Uncommon Gems, uncommonly contain Epic Gems, and rarely contain Relic Gems.
    • Uber-3 Gem Boxes now commonly contain Epic Gems, uncommonly contain Relic Gems, and rarely contain Resplendent Gems.
    • Uber-4 Gem Boxes now commonly contain Epic Gems, uncommonly contain Relic Gems, and rarely contain Shadow Gems.
    • Uber-5 Gem Boxes now commonly contain Relic Gems, uncommonly contain Resplendent Gems, and rarely contain Shadow Gems.
    • Uber-6 Gem Boxes now commonly contain Relic Gems, uncommonly contain Shadow Gems, and rarely contain Radiant Gems.
    • Uber-7 Gem Boxes now commonly contain Resplendent Gems, uncommonly contain Shadow Gems, and rarely contain Radiant Gems.
    • Uber-8 Gem Boxes now commonly contain Shadow Gems, uncommonly contain Radiant Gems, and rarely contain Radiant Gems.
    • Uber-9 Gem Boxes now commonly contain Shadow Gems, uncommonly contain Radiant Gems, and rarely contain Stellar Gems.
  • A new augment has been added, the Contained Chaos Flare. This augment allows players to move one of the 5/10/15 level stat boosts from one stat on a gem to another stat at random.
  • Contained Chaos Flares can be crafted at the Adventurer’s Crafting Bench or found in Lustrous Gem Boxes.
  • Lustrous Gem Boxes no longer contain Gem Dust.
  • Lustrous Gem Boxes now drop 2 at a time for Patrons on Wednesdays. Players now receive 3 total Lustrous Gem Box drops on Wednesday regardless of their Patron status.
  • The 2nd Lesser Fire Gem Socket now unlocks at level 29 instead of 30.

Cosmic GemsTop ^

  • A new type of gem has appeared – Cosmic Gems!
  • Lesser Cosmic Gems come only from Cosmic Gem Boxes, and are not available in the Gem Boxes from Prime Worlds.
  • Empowered Cosmic Gems can drop from existing Empowered Gem Boxes. A Cosmic Empowered Gem Box can additionally be crafted from high tier Crystallogy.
  • The Empowered Cosmic Gem Socket unlocks at level 25. The Lesser Cosmic Gem Sockets unlock at level 27 and 30.
  • 4 new abilities have been introduced for Empowered Cosmic Gems:
    • Berserk Battler – Damaging enemies causes a frenzied state, adding a small increase to attack speed and Light. Continued damage to enemies extends the frenzied state until it causes a berserk state, greatly increasing attack speed and Light.
    • Flower Power – Taking damage has a chance to spawn a blast flower which will decay and explode, damaging nearby enemies.
    • Empyrean Barrier – Periodically applies a shield that reduces incoming damage. When the shield is destroyed it explodes, damaging nearby enemies.
    • Vampirian Vanquisher – Dealing critical hits has a chance to increase movement speed and cause the next hit to leech health.
  • Summoning Amberine on the Rally of Heroes will offer an adventure to find 5 cosmic gem boxes in any Geode Topside World. Amberine’s spawn rate and rarity have been adjusted to match other similar Heroes.

Crystal RarityTop ^

  • Crystal Hats, Faces, and Weapons can now drop from lair and dungeon chests in Geode Topside Adventure Worlds.
  • There are 3 tiers of Crystal rarity – Crystal 1, 2, and 3. Crystal 2 equipment can only be found in U9+, and Crystal 3 equipment can only be found in U10.
  • Crystal equipment can have 1-5 stars – the star level of Crystal items can be upgraded at the Forge.
  • Stellar and Crystal equipment return pearls when deconstructed.
  • Crystal equipment drops with a new Crystal style for each equipment slot.
  • Crystal Weapons and Faces can drop with Magic Find in the 3rd Stat slot.
  • Magic Find works differently for Crystal rarity. While higher values of Magic Find will still increase the chance of finding Crystal rarity items, even players with low Magic Find values should regularly find equipment of Crystal rarity.

New Expertise ThreadsTop ^

  • A new Expertise Thread to explain gems has been added to the Expertise tab of the Adventures Activities. This is available for all players above level 10. Complete the Gems thread for experience, a Stellar Mask, Gemsly (a new rare Ally), and a new Badge.
  • A new Expertise Thread to assist players access the Geode Topside is now available at 5,000 PR.

AtlasTop ^

  • The Atlas can now be accessed from anywhere through the Atlas hotkey (defaults to CTRL+A).
  • The Atlas is still physically accessible in the Trove Hub.
  • The Atlas has also replaced the Trove Portal in the Geode Hub.

StoreTop ^

  • New additions to the Store:
    • The Augmented Maniac Pack contains a tradable Sun and Moon Stellar Aura, a tradable Tome: Empowered Gem Box, 5 Class Gem Keys, 20 Empowered Gem Boxes, 200 Gem Booster Boxes, 20 Lustrous Gem Boxes, and 20 Builder’s Superior Focuses.
    • Dragon Coin Boosts – these 50, 100, or 250 Dragon Coin Boosts will double all the Dragon Coins received from any source until 50, 100, or 250 coins have been doubled. Note that these boosts cannot be stacked.
    • Greater Geodian Topside Caches are now available in the store on the Geode tab! Get valuable Geodian Topside crafting materials, radiant sovereigns, gem augments, or (rarely) tradable mounts, allies, tomes, and costumes. Buy 33 and earn a Glowing Geodian Topside Cache, which always contains a rare result from the Greater Geodian Topside Caches!
  • The Amperium Dragon Pack, Resistor Dragon Pack, and Greater Neon Caches have been retired from the store. They may return later on special occasions.
  • The store now has a New tab, where newly available products will appear.
  • Jade Clovers have been removed from most areas of the store and replaced with an appropriate amount of Glistening Horseshoes instead. The Jade Clover Tome is still available.

Star BarTop ^

  • Reach for the Stars! The Starbar can now be filled MULTIPLE TIMES each day, up to 5 total.
  • The first time the Starbar is filled each day will grant:
    • Non-Patrons: 500 cubits and 500 flux
    • Patrons: 1500 cubits and 1500 flux
  • Each subsequent time filling it will grant:
    • Non-Patrons: 100 cubits and a Starglint Pinata
    • Patrons: 300 cubits and 2 Starglint Pinatas
  • Note that this will only take effect on the day after the patch.

DragonsTop ^

  • 2 new Dragons have been added to Trove!
  • Jhorondir, Arms of the Goddess can be crafted by acquiring a Dormant Lightspear Dragon Egg and a Dormant Darkshield Dragon Egg and crafting them together at the Dragon Crucible. This dragon can also be acquired using a dragon effigy.
  • Phyconidia, Sower of the Sandsea can be crafted by acquiring Sandseasower Dragon Egg Fragments from Veridium and Nitro-Glitterine ore on the Geode Topside. This dragon can also be acquired using a dragon effigy.

New Player Submitted Spear StylesTop ^

  • Uncommon
    • Drain Decongester by Humpypants!
    • Sturdy Slapshooter by Stiofan!
  • Rare
    • Assault Vector by iBattleKat!
  • Epic
    • Temporal Time by Lunate87!
    • Spiked Spade by Demogarose!
  • Legendary
    • Manual Missile by NoisyVenom!
    • Banaknife by JedaiRXRX!
    • Stormbellow by Hourani95!
    • Cleaver Crosscutter by Alekseyx!
    • Greyscale Gouge by ArcadeSpeedaZ!
  • Relic
    • Fiendish Fromage Fox by Lisa_Kusya!
    • Regal Riser by FiplyLonePly!
    • Neganeedle by FiplyLonePly!
    • Kinetic Kadrash by TNT_101!
  • Resplendent
    • Love’s Clutch by Player214!
    • Deadpan Pizza by JarlBauxit!
    • Prop Prod by JojiBot!
    • Pastel Poker by ReshiramFury!
  • Shadow
    • Lunacy Lance by MonsterAnt!
    • Void Watcher by Tribe!
    • Ensconced Enemy by power2025!
    • Rent Reality by Galeneos!
    • Sibilant Shadowfang by RuiWen!
    • Crow Bar by MonsterAnt!
    • Dread Diadem by MadMalGuy!
    • Spikewalker Piston by Wolfenstian!
    • Pinata God Pounder by Zsword!
    • Weirding Warhammer by GuyDude1337!
  • Highlands
    • Crystallium Corer by Heydrix!
    • Prickly Pollinator by Symphoniae!
    • Peacekeeper Partisan by OneWingXVI!
    • Royal Frog Polearm by Ikket_Le_Marquis!
    • Crystallized Honeycomb by Ketchi!
    • Riding Rainbowcorn by GadgetCAT!
  • Frontier
    • Cogforged Claw by SkullZMinus!
    • Arcanium Spearial Bus by ExtrysGO!
    • Scute Skewer by Qoaleth!
    • Orestruck Rod by Tribe!
  • Undead
    • Grinning Grimoire by GadgetCAT!
    • Haunted Hook by Pwanchy!
    • Butchery Blade by Ikket_Le_Marquis!
    • Raevensglaive by Poena!
    • Noxious Nightfang by Revoniel!
    • Revenant Reaver by Wolfenstian!
    • Crowing Rake by Galeneos!
  • Tundra
    • Stormdance Snowflake by Eriri!
    • Fossil-Iced Fork by FayMonsterDad!
    • Chilling Grasp by Elvarion!
    • Glacier Trekker by Badges!
    • Rending Frostendrils by MonsterAnt!
    • Hoary Harpoon by DakotaSpine!
  • Fae
    • Lashing Leaf by KoBeWi!
    • Swinging Sapling by SugoiTrash!
    • Faeriedot Flanger by Ernestasx!
  • Dragon
    • Searshield Spear by Telna1337!
    • Piercing Pyrelance by JanEroles!
    • Dinky Drake Dart by CrabbyMatti!
    • Engraved Dragonfang by TheJollyStNick!
    • Enraged Ember by SpecterCody!
    • Ash Splinter by UnikGod!
    • Dragon Hunter Harpoon by Anzy!
  • Neon City
    • Data-Driven Drill by Echolink!
    • Laser-Lined Lever Rod by Aodahn!
    • Rage Relic by Acculluz!
    • Voltaic Voulge by Badges!
    • Plasmium Powerpike by Technoplasma!
    • Diode Dagger by Seral!
    • Citrineon Circuitbreaker by Stedms!
    • Monocular Mandrel by HonorableFool!
    • Viridium Virolance by Shric!
    • Luminous Liberty by Sentium!
    • Tri-Vector Troubleshooter by Galeneos!
    • Splintered Neonlance by Cytorax!
    • Sheetmetal Shear by Xodric!
    • Stream Spider by DarkWolfSenpai!
    • Memory Matchstick by Shadowmastr!
    • SP-34-R, by Ioander!
  • Candy
    • Rainbow Sugar Rush by SickInTheHead!
    • Sprinkle-Speckled Spear by Player214!
    • Candorian Fishing Spear by SkyRider3217!
    • Pinkie Pike by forenmagra!
    • Cherry Champion by Devilswarchild!
    • Chocolate Chunker by Stedms!
  • Radiant
    • Sheenshard Shank by Rosemourne!
    • Highwind Hand-Dart by Aster_Clawfire!
    • Skyshaper Spear by BasedZana!
    • Gale Glaive by Nicshare!
    • Broad Daylance by Parresaurs!
    • Sun Scarab Spear by 0R305!
    • Righteous Retributor by KamiNiisama!
    • Magus Macaxe by Galeneos!
    • Dancing Thunder by VoltRabbit!
    • Stratospear by WishfulEnigma!
  • Treasure Isles
    • Pincer Prong by Weemuddy!
    • Fish Foe by lolli523!
    • Seaweed Whacker by FuzzyDerp!
    • Fishing Pike by PotatoLordEvan!
    • Harmonious Harpoon, by Cytorax!
    • Sharkened Shoreraider by GogestickCJ!
    • Depth Dredger by Stedms!
  • Jurassic Jungle
    • Cosmic Wedge by 3ftmerica!
  • Forbidden Spires
    • Ley Leveller by Kill3rCreeper!
    • Banisher’s Beacon by RuiWen!
    • Horns of Yun Bao by Aseh!

Additional UpdatesTop ^

  • New loading screens featuring some awesome fanart.
  • Helmets that match the leveling costumes now unlock at level 10, 20, and 30 for every class.
  • Daily challenges for Friday will now run 6 Luminopolis Rampages on the half hour throughout the day and will not run rampages on the hour.
  • Newly crafted Ring Boxes now automatically loot to the inventory when opened rather than needing to be thrown and looted. Existing Ring Boxes will continue to work in the previous fashion.
  • Glorious Gladiator now also unlocks after 500 Bomber Royale kills. This change is retroactive.
  • The Builder's Crafting bench has been updated - most crafting benches have been moved to this bench for clarities sake. The Mount Crafting station has been added to help make it clear where new players should go to craft mounts. Additional information has been added to some tradable mount items.
  • Fixed a Character Sheet bug where there was an unclickable area blocking most of the Tome icon.
  • Favorited Companions now have a header name in FavsNStuff.
  • Loot can now be picked up individually underwater.
  • A notification message now appears in the chat window when a Reliquary or Companion Egg is ready to open.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when moving a large number of items between chests.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching crafting stations during crafting progress.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to place a mag rail at the maximum height in a club world.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a ball collided with a mag rail.
  • Fixed an issue that was affecting club stability.
  • Community chests no longer function due to their ability to assist economic woes.
  • Increased the size of the hidden subterranean Forbidden Spires cinnabar veins.
  • Dealing damage after death in Bomber Royale no longer adds to your Damage listing on the scoreboard (it was already excluded from the leaderboard).
  • Fixed several cases where Bombs thrown outside of Bomber Royale could count as a bomb thrown in Bomber Royale.
  • Cubic Curtain gem ability no longer persists after switching classes.
  • The recipe to craft the Vanguardian class can now additionally be found on the Chaos Crafter. It still requires the same materials to craft.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Run and Gun for the Gunslinger to stack multiple times, eventually leading to attacks being slower than normal speed.
  • Dino Tamer’s Ultimate movement speed can now stack with other movement speed increases.
  • Fixed a number of enemies in the Shadow Tower failing to drop loot, including starfire dragon fragments.
  • Fixed a rare bug where shadow tower portals would become confused and drop players in to other instances of the shadow tower.
  • The Popular Section of Club Worlds will now start populating based on Homeworld Heart likes from this point forward.
  • Reduced memory usage in the credits screen and improved scrolling.
  • Added a 10x purchase option to the Trove of Wonders merchant to save some wrist pain.
  • Corrected some missing particle effects for the Neon Ninja's Digital Daemon and Masked Mercenary Costume.
  • The sail for the Automatic Frigate is now visible in Collections.
  • The Automatic Frigate now has a cannon.
  • Added a "Whats New" option on the console main menu to link to the most recent patch notes in the web browser.


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