Returning Players

Game Changes for Returning Players: We've put together a timeline of major game changes for returning players to help people get re-orientated with the game. It's also nice to highlight the pace of development and just how far the game has come in a short time.

If you think something is missing and it should be here, let us know.

2019Top ^

May 2019 (Going Green)

2018Top ^

December 2018 (Crystal Combat)

  • Crystal Combat Update
    • Geode Topside Adventure Worlds (including new U10)
    • 5-Star Dungeons
    • Light and Dark Stats
    • Cosmic Gems and gems can no longer break
    • Crystal Rarity gear
    • New Expertise Threads
    • Trovian Atlas accessible anywhere
    • New Star Bar rewards and can be filled multiple times
    • New dragons Jhorondir and Phyconidia

August 2018

  • Improvements Patch
    • Bomber Royale experience gain has been tuned to award more active, aggressive play.
      • Some experience is now granted based on damage done to other players, and the amount of experience granted for just staying alive has been reduced. Experience for each kill has also been reduced since it is now easier to get credit for kills on players who die from lava or falling. 
      • Kill credit is now granted to the most recent player to damage someone if they die from environmental damage or falling within 15 seconds.
    • Clubs can now be reordered in the Club List.
    • Two new dragons have been added to Trove!
      • Typhandir, the Sundered Shield can be obtained by collecting Egg fragments from Dark Chaos Vaults
      • Yzzuli of the Honeybreeze can be obtained by collecting Egg fragments from bee enemies
    • Ice Sage has been re-worked; increased damage potential, Big Chill and Frozen Ward abilities swapped positions (Frozen Ward is now an Ultimate ability rather than second ability), and Pain Freeze class gem replaces basic attack rather than Ice Crash.
    • An option to make cornerstones undamageable by bombs and abilities has been added to the Miscellaneous tab under Settings.
    • Added an option in the Miscellaneous tab under Settings to set the minimum rarity of gear that will be picked up when holding the Loot hotkey.
    • Players can now pick their displayed name colors from a list of earned colors. This list can be accessed next to the name on the character sheet.
    • There is now a toggle on the box opening UI that allows players to open chests until a rare result occurs.
    • Reduced the time it takes for cave critters to reward the player with Lesser Crystal Caches by approximately 75%.
    • The Marketplace now has a Resell option.
    • Plants will now grow in any season.
    • A Chocolate Sponge has been added to the top tier of Gardening.

June 2018

  • Geode
    • Geode is a whole new world with its own Hub. Players can teleport to this world through the Trovian Atlas or a Grode Portal at the SS Solidarity ship west of the Trove Hub.
    • Travel through 3 new environments (Moonglow Grotto, Sunken Sunvault, and Verdant Veins) to gather resources, upgrade new modules, and meet a new set of creatures.
    • Reliquaries are resource caches which can be equipped while exploring the Geode caves to charge them up. 
      • Reliquaries are charged up by feeding, healing, and comforting creatures in the caves. 
      • After a Reliquary is fully charged, take it to the Reliquary Revealer in the Geode Hub to open it!
    • Modules are a new type of equipment that will assist progress through the Geode Caves. There are 8 modules, and all can be leveled 10 times. Leveled modules are more efficient in even the early cave tiers.
      • The Geodian Acclimation System (GAS) controls how long the player can survive in the caves. Upgrading it allows for longer, deeper cave dives. When you're out of GAS, you're out!
      • N-Charge powers the other modules - upgrade it to stay stronger longer.
      • The Omni-Tool allows the player to harvest Geodian blocks and interact with cave creatures. Upgrade it to mine faster or further.
      • The Climbing Claw allows the player to grapple to any location within range or to stun cave creatures. Upgrade it to travel faster or further and stun stronger creatures.
      • Rocket Boots allow the player to hover or travel upwards to reach resources that might otherwise be difficult. 
      • The Thumper makes crystals and ore visible that would otherwise be hidden.
      • Barrier Generator protects against fire flowers and other hazards.
      • Path Painter allows for marking paths. While staying on a marked path, movement speed is increased.
    • Companions are cave creatures who've been raised to assist the player in the caves. 
      • There are 8 types of companions with 3 different rarity tiers each with a set of buffs to assist players when upgraded at the Companion Trainer. 
      • Companions can be hatched from Bronze, Silver, or Gold Companion Eggs. 
    • Crystallogy is a new profession found in the Geode Hub.
      • New VFX Blocks can be crafted from this profession. Add a range of vfx to a cornerstone or club world with these blocks.
      • New Anti-gravity blocks can also be crafted from this profession. Add an airavator to a cornerstone or club world with these new blocks!
      • A new Geode Biome workbench has been added to the Crystallogy Center. Recipe unlockers for the recipes on this workbench can be crafted via Crystallogy
    • Geode has a new type of Mastery.
      • Acquiring items from the Geode Caves, leveling Crystallogy, or leveling Modules will all grant Geode Mastery. (These all continue to also grant Trove Mastery.)
    • New Leaderboards:
      • Geode Mastery Points – Tracks total Geode Mastery points. The top 2000 players in this category receive a blue name color weekly.
      • Total Mastery Points – Tracks combined Mastery and Geode Mastery points. The top 2000 players in this category receive an orange name color weekly.
      • Weekly Companion Eggs Found – Tracks the number of Companion eggs collected on Geode.
      • Weekly Adventures Completed (Excludes Expertise) – Tracks the number of Geode, Crystallogy, Event, Club, and Outpost Adventures completed. 
      • Weekly Bomber Royale Games Won – Tracks wins in Bomber Royale. Resets weekly.
      • Weekly Bomber Royale Kills – Tracks kills in Bomber Royale. Resets weekly.
    • Bomber Royale is a new competitive combat mode that can be accessed via a top level menu item.
      • Up to 20 players can join in a Bomber Royale match, although the match will start 15 seconds after 15 players are queued.
      • Players will start on a glass platform that deconstructs, eventually dropping them to the actual map.
      • Bomber Royale maps are completely destructible and will randomly deconstruct themselves over time. The goal is to be the last player standing - literally!
    • To accommodate the new items added in Geode, 2 new inventory tabs have been added.
      • A module inventory has been added to hold modules for exploring the Geode caves. Players cannot directly interact with the modules in the inventory – but can upgrade them at the Mining Facility in the Geode Hub.
      • The Geode inventory tab contains all the resources collected in Geode, including Companions.
    • Revenant has been re-worked; increased damage potential significantly, Spear basic attack has increased damage and life steal, Spirit Spears damage based on Physical rather than Health and is toggle-able, and sub-class ability modified to give a percentage of character max health when dealing damage to enemies.
    • Four new Dragons have been added to Trove! 
      • Carys, Seraph of the Golden Vale can be obtained while mining Crystalized Cloud Ore found in the Radiant Ruins and Cursed Skylands worlds.
      • Xendri, the Arc Tempest Egg Fragments can now be purchased from Level 3 of the Travelling Club Merchant with Adventurine. 
      • Cy and Sanguine, the Twin Plagues can be obtained from the Bomber Royale Merchant.
      • Norari, the Wayward Spear can be obtained by collecting Egg Fragments from Light Chaos Vaults.
    • Equipment upgrade costs for Resplendent, Shadow, Radiant and Stellar have been reduced! Shaper's Stars are no longer required for any upgrades at the Forge and shadow, radiant and stellar souls can be crafted at the Shadowy Market. 
    • The amount of Club Experience required for most Club Levels has been reduced.

March 2018

  • Heroes
    • A superhero inspired playable character has been added as a new class in Trove, the Vanguardian. Can be crafted or bought from the store. This class uses a new weapon type, Fists, and can switch between Melee or Ranged attacks.
    • A new sub-biome has been added to Neon City called Luminopolis. With the introduction of the new sub-biomes comes new content such as:
      • Outposts - structures that spawn with a Resistor Workbench and a Kami NPC that gives quests for Neon City and Luminopolis. Completing the quests grants EXP and Adventurine. 20 quests can be completed per day.
      • Two new dragons have landed to match the opposing side trying to defend/conquer, Hoshizora, Luminary of Hope and Rhom-10, Dissent’s Roar. These dragons can ride on Mag Rails.
      • New resources like Plasmium and Sentience Shards. Plasmium (along with other resources) can also be converted to other craftable resources like Circuits Circuts, Memory Matrixies, and Logic Loops.
      • Neon City Scrap Cases - a new box that can drop from NPCs and chests in Neon City and Luminopolis, containing commonly found materials to the region.
    • Players can use these new resources at the Resistor Workbench to craft the new Vanguardian class, 14 new allies, 7 new mounts, the Windtunnel Wings, 5 new tomes, 18 new frameworks, and a +50% Adventurine potion. There are also 11 new costumes.
    • Rampage Challenge has been added to the pool of hourly challenges. During this challenge, players must fight off invading Gigastormers in Luminopolis. These bosses are similar to pinatas and only take 1 damage per hit, so players are required to go as a group to fight off the 3 new bosses. Rampages have 3 stages, each of which grant a Lesser Neon Cache.
    • Several Badges have been added for completing Rampages.
    • Beacons are a new craftable item that allows players to summon Gigastormers to their club worlds. Players who throw this beacon is given a Sentience Shard. Gigastormers spawned from a Beacon during a Rampage will count towards the Rampage.
    • A new Utility Fixture has been added – the Beacon of Heroes.
    • A new welcome screen has been introduced along with new and upgraded Daily Bonuses: 
      • Monday - Shadow Day
      • Tuesday - Gathering Day
      • Wednesday - Gem Day
      • Thursday - Adventure Day
      • Friday - Dragon Day
      • Saturday - XP Day
      • Sunday - Loot Day
    • Dracolyte has been re-worked; increased damage potential significantly, Flamethrower basic attack will now convert slippery ice blocks into "charred" blocks for a short time, Dragon Idols now detonate after 6s, and Burning Ward allows Dragon Idols now spawn a Dracolyte minion 100% of the time.
    • Level 30 costumes have been added for all classes.
    • Flux costs have been reduced for crafting a Builder's Focus to perfect your gems (Rough, Superior, and Precise).
    • New Map icons
    • The Old Boot is now stackable. A new item can now be fished up, the Ancient Boot, which is completely useless, as the Old Boot was once intended to be.

2017Top ^

November 2017

  • Adventures
    • New club UI to support Adventures, Fixtures, and all the new Club Permissions. 
    • Clubs can now level up as players complete adventures from the club. The club’s level controls what fixtures are available. There is a daily cap on the amount of experience a club can gain that scales with the number of active members.
    • Heroes (Adventure NPCs) can be spawned at the Rally of Heroes fixture in a Club World and each Hero will remain spawned at the Rally of Heroes for a set amount of time. During their visit, they may fall asleep. These specifics may be managed by a Club Member with the necessary Permissions. There are a total of 22 different Heroes.
    • Completing Adventures grants a new type of reward currency called Adventurine and are used to buy loot from Merchants in the hub for a club's Traveling Merchant. Patrons receive a bonus 33% Adventurine. Players can complete up to 220 Adventures per day.
    • Adventurine can also be used to convert to Clubits. to upgrade club Fixtures.
    • Fixtures are buildings that can be placed in Club Worlds to unlock mechanics, buffs, and even loot chance increases. This only affects PvE gameplay. Fixtures can be purchased with Clubits from the Merchants located on the Trovian Clubit Union fixture and can be upgraded, placed, or removed by a Club Member with necessary Permissions.
    • There are a total of 2 Base Fixtures, 6 Combat Fixtures, 6 Utility Fixtures, and 4 Ultimate Fixtures.
    • Club ranks are now: President, VP (Vice President), Officer, Enforcer, Captain, and Member. The  "Leader” rank is now known as “Vice President." The “Architect” rank is now known as “Enforcer.”
    • A club may only have 1 President. If the President of a club becomes inactive for more than 45 days a new President will automatically be promoted based on VP activity.
    • Framework recipes have been added to the Workbench, Forbidden Workbench, Haunted Workbench, Candy Workbench, Store, and Mastery Rewards. These new recipes allow players to craft and place entire structures in their Club World.
    • The Forbidden Spires biome has been added with new recipes, frameworks, and ore (Cinnabar).
    • Monsters in the Forbidden Spires biome will rarely drop Fiery Feathers which is used to craft a new Phoenix mount, Onbari, Empress of the Southern Skies.
    • Panda Mounts can now be crafted on the Adventurer's Crafting Bench using Panda Talismans, which are rarely found in Uber 8 and higher adventure worlds.
    • The Spire Spirits Adventure Box can now drop from any world.
    • Mastery rewards have been extended past Mastery Rank 300 with new rewards at 100, 220, 250, 260, 270 and above 300. This replaces Chaos Coins and players no longer receive Chaos Factor through Mastery.
    • Above 300, players will need half the targeted Mastery Rank in Mastery Points to Progress. For example, 150 Mastery Points are needed to achieve Mastery Rank 301. 300 Mastery Points are required to achieve Mastery Rank 600.
    • The bonus damage from each Mastery level has been reduced from .2% down to .15%
    • New leaderboard Contests were added to include new objectives such as Flawless Ultra Runs, Weekly World Boss defeats, Weekly Club Experience earned, and Weekly Dungeon Clears.
    • Removed rewards from Mastery Contest and changed to give "Gold/Yellow" name for top 2,000 players.
    • New Badges for the Eclipse Update have been added!
    • Luxion of the Golden Hoard is a new merchant that arrives twice a month in the hub selling items for a limited time in exchange for Dragon Coins. He will have some new items, some highly-sought items, and some timely goodies.
    • Three new dragons have landed! Recipes for each can be found in the Dragon Crucible, and their egg fragments have been scattered throughout the game.
      • Sarsaponia, the Pristine
      • Blocktron, the Guardian Beyond the Sky
      • Almakhestia, Host of Starfire
    • Knight has been re-worked; increased damage potential, Smash ability reworked to gain taunt instead of stun and knockback, Iron Will reduces incoming damage to yourself as well as 7 other allies.
    • Recipes for Radiant and Stellar rings have been added to the Ringcrafting Bench.
    • Plasma Fishing has been added to Trove!
    • A new type of block has been added - LED blocks. 
    • Completing the Star bar now grants 500 Flux in addition to 500 Cubits, or 1500 of each when in Patron status!

August 2017

  • Eclipse
    • The Portal Tower in the Hub World has been replaced with the Sun Goddess Statue along with the new Trovian Atlas, easy-to-use overworlds map that grants access to any world.
    • Players entering the Shadow Tower via the Atlas spawn into the new Shadow Tower Foyer world.
    • New gem stat augments and reroll system at the Gem Forge.
    • Subclasses have been added for 15 different class related passive abilities. Each subclass provides a unique passive ability along with a stat boost! The effectiveness of the passive increases based on the active Power Rank of the subclass, while the stat boost improves based on the level of the subclass.
    • Shadow Hydrakken shadow titan has appeared in the Shadow Towers. Players can fight this 5x snek wall after defeating the Vengeful Pinata God.
    • Darknik Dreadnought Mk II shadow titan has appeared in the Shadow Towers. Players can fight Dr. Darknik's latest mechanical machination after defeating the Shadow Hydrakken.
    • Titan and Lunar Souls now drop from Shadow Vaults instead of being directly awarded after defeating a Shadow Titan.
    • Many new rewards have been added to the Shadowy Market for Hearts of Darkness, Titan Souls, Lunar Souls, and Despoiled Divinity.
    • Elemental worlds now drop Key Fragments and Prime Worlds now drop about 50% more Key Fragments. Patron status doubles such drops.
    • Daughter of the Moon has relocated to her new penthouse on the sixth floor of the Shadow Tower.
    • Eight new dragons have landed! Recipes for each can be found in the Dragon Crucible, and their egg fragments have been scattered throughout the game.
      • Indurion, the Unwavering
      • Baesmuth, the Shaper's Gift
      • Rachnaphon, the Silent Spectator
      • Petallura, Nature's Beckoning
      • Miraldis, the Primordial Preserver
      • Wyntegra, Galenor's Pride
      • Crisopeia, The Crucible of Souls
      • Olhukoi, the Moonlit Muse
    • Fae Trickster has been re-worked; increased damage potential, Glitterbomb gains stun and removed knockback, Faerocious Facsimile Class Gem temporarily removed for a new class gem.
    • Eclipse Pack is now purchasable in the store

June/July 2017

  • Megalithic
    • New daily loot rewards upon login. Players will be given a daily loot token that corresponds to the month it is given out.
    • New crafting bench to spend daily loot tokens for each month, the Radiant Dayspring. Can be crafted at the Novice Crafting Bench.
    • Login tokens will be purchasable for credits 2 months after the month the token was given out.
    • New packs in the Trove store, the Mega Menagerie pack (Extra Life 2016) and Fast Fortune pack.

April 2017

  • Depth Charge
    • An all-new objective chain that grants Minerbot Qubesly ally.
    • Credit pouches are now automatically consumed when purchased from the player marketplace.
    • Credit pouches can now only be listed in the marketplace and not traded in other locations.
    • Target Destruction minigame support added.
    • Cooldown on dodge is now 1.8 seconds.
    • 25 new costumes to the Chaos Core Crafter.

March 2017

  • St. Qubeslick's Day!
    • All-new objective chain that grants St. Qubeslick ally.
    • Collect Tentacle Slices to craft the Tranquil Tentacle ally.
    • Price changes to items in the Store.
    • Credit Pouches purchasabe and can be traded in the Marketplace.
    • Radiant Soveregins added as a bonus for credit purchases; can be used at the Radiant Merchant to trade for goodies.
    • Limited time offers (Flash Deals) available for Credits.
    • Packs converted from real money to credit purchases (does not include Essencial and Double Dragon packs).
    • Items purchased from store cannot be traded.
    • Brazilian/Portuguese is now Live.
    • The lower stat value for all minor gems has been increased by 30%!
    • Gems no longer can be found with only one stat, instead only spawning with 2 or 3 stats.
    • Llama Talisman can drop in Adventure Worlds, used to craft Llamas.
    • Corgi, Meownt, Shmeep, and Centaur Tallismans drop instead of mounts; mounts can be loot collected to talismans.

February 2017

  • The Patch with No Name
    • Music blocks, Mounts, Mag Riders, Wings, and Ships now work in the metaforge.
    • Grants players 100 jump while in the metaforge.
  • Valentines Day
    • All-new objective chain that grants Amorous Archer costume.
    • Heart Eater and Rosy Ravisher craftable in the Chaos Core Crafter.
    • Portuguese is now in Beta.

January 2017

  • Join the Party - Part 3
    • Griffon Talisman can drop in Cursed Skylands, used to craft Griffons
    • Refer a friend dragon now grants Power Rank and has stats
  • Flakbeard
    • Flakbeard dragon can be found in Treasure Isles

2016Top ^

December 2016

  • Snowfest / Get Crafty
    • Chaos Chests can now drop when adventuring
    • Chaos Chests can contain Chaos Cores which can be used at the Chaos Core crafter to unlock classes, costumes and more
    • Crafting Materials now go to their own inventory tab
    • Racing and Coin Collect minigame support added
  • Join the Party Part 2!
    • Added craftable Special Effect blocks

November 2016

  • Join the Party!
    • Pinata invaders that drop coins
    • Thallasion, Shaper of the Currents dragon added
    • Mastery rewards no longer apply to alpha and certain promo items

October 2016

September 2016

August 2016

  • Prehistoric Preview
    • Dino Tamer class added
  • Daily Loot
    • Unsocketing gems now cost Cubits instead of Flux
    • Daily Loot chests added
    • Class Contests for the first few tiers now reward based on Power Rank not rating

July 2016

June 2016

May 2016

April 2016

  • Mantle of Power Expansion Launch
    • Weekly contest leaderboards and rewards
  • Mantle of Power
    • Increased Max Level to 30
    • Added Gems as new equipment for your character
    • New elemental types of adventure worlds
    • Ultra difficulty added to Shadow Tower
    • New Stellar gear level
    • Added preview to terraformers
    • Ranged attacks deal some AOE damage now

March 2016

February 2016

January 2016

2015Top ^

December 2015

November 2015

October 2015

September 2015

August 2015

July 2015

June 2015

May 2015

April 2015

  • Welcoming Edition
    • Welcome screen added to the game, displays current daily bonus and news
    • Added daily bonuses that rotate
    • Video settings added: LOD, FOV, Bloom, Depth of Field, SSAO.
  • Blitz and Glitz Edition
    • Hotbar and star bar UI style updated

March 2015

  • Fish 'N' Ships Update
    • New Class - Pirate Captain
    • New transport - Ships
    • New biome - Treasure Isles
    • New activity - Fishing
  • Chaos Factor Edition
    • Chaos Factor, players at max mastery ranks can gain free chaos chests when logging in.
  • Cookiephant Edition
    • Players have 2 jump by default
    • Added pirate store to hub
    • /clearcornerstone added to reset cornerstone, items within it will not be refunded
    • Recipe lairs only spawn in U1 adventure worlds and above
  • Spring Edition
    • New tutorial world added - can access with /tutorial

February 2015

  • Everything Edition
    • Hidden face and hidden hat appearances can be selected instead of using a command
    • Liked Worlds screen on the menu or Y
    • Club logs can be accessed with /club log *clubname*
  • Take Flight Update
    • New class - Shadow Hunter
    • New area - Sky Realms
    • New transport - Wings
    • New profession - Runecrafting
    • Added emotes
    • Several character slots are class specific
  • Do Not Disturb Edition
    • /dnd do not disturb mode

January 2015

2014Top ^

December 2014

  • Epic Snow and Ice Edition
    • New class - Ice Sage
    • Class levels are increased by each two star stat on equipped shadow equipment up to a max of 40.
  • Flask Edition
    • Flasks customizations on store, change behavior and size of flask.

November 2014

October 2014

September 2014

August 2014

July 2014

June 2014

May 2014

April 2014

March 2014

February 2014

January 2014

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hi my club has been stolen I worked so hard and now I'm not the owner pls help ive been demoted


Clubs without an active owner have it transferred by the Trove team. You will need to contact the current owners, or Trove support for anything else.

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Can you update it for geode?

Just updated to add Geode and Improvements update.

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Nice guide.

It was very helpful to use this so I knew what was diffrent since I last played...

There's been heaps of events...

You might want to put some more empasis on the mantle of power as this changed the game a heap...

Great Job!

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What about the Dino Tamer 


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